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Eyelash extensions in Dublin

Why Eyelash Extensions are so Popular in Ireland

Irish Eyes are Smiling Even Brighter with Eyelash Extensions! In a world where fashion statements are becoming common practice, promoted at excessive levels by the power of the internet, eyelash extensions may be considered small fish in the grand scheme of beautify the modern Irish lady! With advanced cosmetic surgeries that can achieve so much […]

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waxing ireland

Why Irish Girls Love Waxing at Araya Beauty

Removing Hair (and Pain!) from the Equation! Let’s face it, waxing is no something any of us look forward to or take any real pleasure from, it’s one of our least favourite treatments as it fills clients with anxiety and simply never has the same exciting connotations as a relaxing foot massage treatment for example! […]

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foot massage benefits

New Year, New You, New Feet!

Reflexology Can help Lighten Your Load If you want to experience a whole new form of mind and body relaxation in a much simpler way this year, then a specialised foot massage may just be the right choice for you! Reflexology foot massage is a kind of therapy which has been used by ancient Egyptians […]

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dermaroller at Araya Beauty

What is Microneedling? Your Questions Answered

The Ins and Outs of Microneedling in Ireland As any reputable beauty therapist should, we always view new fads in the beauty industry with a healthy dose of scepticism and apprehension until we’ve had time to formulate an expert view of our own based on safe testing, iteration and detailed consideration of the pros, cons, […]

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summer beauty

Summer Beauty Tips for 2021

Summer is finally upon us (kinda!) Whoever said you can’t plan for the future certainly had their head on straight. ‘Global pandemic’ wasn’t really on anyone’s agenda at the turn of the year, but six months in and the sunny season is fast approaching but will warm days and great weather be enough to dispel […]

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nail bar dublin

Top Nail Treatments to Consider After Lockdown

It’s time to pamper your digits! Lockdown might be the right decision for those around us, but if there’s one area where it’s definitely caused more harm than help, it’s with our hands. Repeated washing robs hands of their natural moisture, and if you’ve been using disinfectant wipes or alcohol-based hand sanitiser, your hands have […]

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