Top Nail Treatments to Consider After Lockdown

It’s time to pamper your digits!

Lockdown might be the right decision for those around us, but if there’s one area where it’s definitely caused more harm than help, it’s with our hands.

Repeated washing robs hands of their natural moisture, and if you’ve been using disinfectant wipes or alcohol-based hand sanitiser, your hands have been through even worse – not just on a daily basis, but often hourly!

So, once lockdown ends, what can you do to help your hands recover? Luckily for you, Dublin’s finest beauty salon has you covered!

Kick Back with a Mani/Pedi

deluxe mani/pedi should be your first port of call for revitalising your hands and feet after the stresses and deprivations of lockdown. Not only are these treatments amazing for abused skin, but they’re incredibly relaxing, leaving you with a feeling of serenity and satisfaction that will be the highlight of your week.

manicure treatment

After months of uncertainty and the tolls of excessive washing routines, a mani/pedi is exactly what you need to start feeling like you again – your hands will thank you afterwards!

Nail Your Look

Once your hands are feeling better, it’s time to think about how you can turn them from a worry area into your best feature. Sound impossible? Well, you’ll be surprised to know how many options you have.

First up, there’s the subtle elegance of French tips. This is one of our most popular nail care treatments and when you look at the classy, shimmering results, it’s easy to see why.

shellac nails

Next, there’s the art of a good shellac. This stress-free way of imbuing your nails with striking colour is low cost, high effect, and is carried out in our very own nail bar by trained professionals who know exactly what you’re looking for and how to provide it.

If you really want to enter summer with a bang, you’ll be in the mood for nail art. Our stylists can apply over 150 colours and designs at the nail bar, customising your creation to your own taste and style. Turn drab, under-cared-for nails into eye-popping assets with just a little help from our trained nail artisans.

Don’t Be Callus!

Once your hands are turning heads, turn your attention to your poor feet! Many of us suffer from unsightly, uncomfortable foot calluses, only exacerbated by times of stress when exercise options and self care products are limited.

callus peel treatment

Start your summer right with an invigorating callus peel – completely painless and guaranteed to leave you feeling amazing.

Countdown to Freedom

Lockdown poses many struggles to people all around the country, but normality WILL return so long as we keep calm, carry on, and show love and care to those around us.

Of course, we can’t leave ourselves out of that equation, and knowing that there’s pampering and beauty in your future can be an essential survival tool during uncertain times.

Remember to keep your hands moisturised, keep nails short to avoid breaking or other unsightly developments, and make plans to come see us as soon as lockdown is lifted and life can go back to blissful normality. We’ll be waiting, and we’ll make sure you leave feeling free, healthy, and beautiful.

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