All You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

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Lash Extension Facts Laid Bare

We’ve written extensively in the past about the evolution of and surge in popularity of eyelash extensions here in Ireland in recent years and it seems the insatiable appetite of the great Irish public has continued to flourish over the past couple of years as we continue to witness steady demand for what has now become a staple beauty treatment and a huge business driver for salons such as ours.

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why this demand curve is on the uptick; if you’re a busy lady and struggling to find time to get yourself ready in the mornings, eyelash extensions may well be the answer to your prayers! Created from synthetic materials, each lash is applied individually on a semi-permanent basis and will allow you to wake up looking refreshed and glamorous.

If you’re keen to know more before deciding whether false lashes are indeed for you, here’s a couple of important nuggets of wisdom about eyelash extension treatments that we’re keen to impart with our readership!

They’re Fully Customisable

Unlike purchasing a strip of lashes from a beauty store, having an eyelash extension treatment gives you the freedom to choose the exact length you are comfortable with; which is usually between 10-12mm, on average. However, the majority of salons here in Dublin will give you the option of between 9-15mm, depending on your preference.

Most professional eyelash extension specialists like ourselves will also take into consideration your eye shape and the best look for you.

They’re Built to Last

Most salons may suggest that, with proper care, your extensions could last between two and three weeks, however in some cases, they may even last up to a month and we’d see that as a minimum reasonable length of time for a professional job that you’re investing your hard-earned cash in.

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One of the best ways to prolong the amount of time they last is to try and avoid getting them wet too often or using oil-based products.

You Can Wear Lash Extensions with Makeup

Let’s face it – there would be no point in having eyelash extensions if you can’t finish off the overall look with some stunningly dramatic eye makeup!

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If you wish to use liquid eyeliner, always stay away from the lash line and avoid the use of mascara completely, as it will cause your lash extensions to dry and become crusty.

You Should Always Get Them Removed Properly

If you think it’s finally time to say goodbye to your eyelash extensions, the only way to remove them with care is to allow them to drop out naturally or go back to your salon to have them professionally removed. Pulling them out yourself may cause damage to your natural lashes underneath.

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Of course, you may opt to visit our salon for a refill, which will entail removing the lash extensions and cleaning around the eye before applying a new pair. We’ll be with you every step of the way whichever route you decide to take with your lovely lashes.

As ever, if you’d like to find out more about any of our unique eyelash extension treatments, please contact our team of lash specialists here Araya Beauty or take a browse through our service offering pages for further details and we’d be delighted to assist you.

If, having read this and decided that lash extensions aren;t for you but you still want your eyes looking fabulous, then please take a browse through our other specialist eye beautification treatments, please visit browse through our dedicated eye care treatments page for more.

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