Irish Beauty Blog Awards Nomination – Yippee!

V By Very Very Nice!

With our fab little beauty blog just a little over a year in existence, we’re both delighted and pleasantly surprised in equal measure to have been selected on the longlist of nominees for this year’s V By Very Blog Awards, scheduled in the Academy, Dublin 2 on October 5th.

It’s very early days yet of course, and it is just a longlist, but longlists lead to shortlists and shortlists lead to finalists and… you get where we’re going with this! If you’re not in, you can’t win as they say, but of course, we’re not getting carried away just yet. It’s really heartening to know that our hard work and dedication to providing our readers with useful, practical and insightful beauty tips and advice for all occasions is paying off on some level with some external validation.

A short, yet fruitful journey

We take our content and social media efforts seriously here at Araya Beauty and put a lot of time and research into creating something that we feel will add value to our regular beauty services and help educate the ladies of Ireland what’s happening in our space and what kind of treatments people are interested in.


Through regular news updates, features and even the odd job listing to help handle steady growth since opening our doors in April 2016, we’ve found our blog to be a really useful resource for engaging with a wide range of tech-savvy, media-hungry ladies of all ages and from all walks of life so it’s fair to say that we couldn’t have achieved this milestone without your help!

This news may of course come as a tiny win for some of the larger salons or full-time beauty bloggers out there, but for us as an independent, startup salon in the heart of Dublin suburbia, it’s a mighty fine feat and we’re just so proud to be in the mix! We’re already dreaming big and considering what to wear should we reach the final stages hehe; this little number from the V By Very range at Littlewoods actually looks ideal!

beauty blog awards dress

Help us continue pushing the boundaries and having fun!

As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can make our blog better and help you, our readers stay engaged, informed and tuned in! There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to quality beauty content and we like to think we stand out a little for all the right reasons! 🙂

If you’re a longstanding client, we’d love to hear your views on any topics you’d like covered in more detail over the coming weeks and months and if you’re a brand new visitor to our blog then your views are every bit as welcome as we encourage active participation via our comments section and social channels, TwitterFacebook and Instagram; heck we even still have Google+ if any of you are that way inclined!