V by Very Irish Blog Awards Nominations Shortlist

Best Beauty Website and Best Blogpost Noms

Well, we’re truly beside ourselves here at Araya Beauty, it has to be said!

Reporting back in August how truly elated we were to be longlisted for an award, we’ve just had the fantastic news that we’ve made the shortlist for not one, but TWO categories; the hugely flattering title of ‘Best Corporate Blog – Beauty’ and ‘Best Blog Post’ for our Ultimate Irish Wedding Guide piece.

The competition is tough, however, with some amazingly experienced and incredibly accomplished beauty salons and bloggers in the running for each category.

Best Beauty Blog Nominees

Although there are only 10 contenders on the following list, it’s gonna be a tall order to prevail here, given the sheer strength and brand recognition associated with some of these household names; we’re just glad to be in the mix at this stage to be honest!

The Bee Loved Skincare Blog
Charlene Flanagan
Amara Aesthetics
Matte to Metallic
The Sequin Cinderella
Clare with the Hair
Thérapie Clinic Blog
Araya’s Beauty Blog
Skin Secrets
Claudia McGloin Clinic

beauty blog award nominees

Best Blogpost Nominees

If you though our chances of success in the first category were daunting, this category is an together more competitive affair as it draws from all industries across Ireland to ultimately determine ‘what was the best blogpost this year?’. The field is even longer, with 15 shortlisted nominees again, peppered with large, familiar and somewhat scary brands!

The Ultimate Irish Wedding Beauty Guide
The skincare ingredients you should never use on your skin
101 Things I Wish I’d known before Moving to Australia
Ask the Photographer Best Cameras for Bloggers
Wedding Planning in Emojis
Na Galláin
Lip FIllers : How Do We Measure The Perfect Lip?
Is it okay if I don’t want kids?
Love Parenting IVF Diary
10 Things You Should Never Do At A Friends Wedding
Financially Fit with Hennelly Finance
Hanne Marquardt Reflexotherapy
8 Tips on how to survive working from home this summer
Called To Belong – The Inner Longing For Eternity
That Time I Redesigned Victoria Beckham’s Office

best blogpost shortlist nominee

There we are right up the top, let’s hope that’s an omen for awards night on October 5th! 🙂

In years gone by, there was a requirement to canvass for votes, but we’ll spare you the hassle this year as that’s been dropped for the 2017 iteration of this prestigious event on the Irish blogging calendar!

Thank you so much, once again, for all the great support and encouragement you’ve given us so far along this journey, it’s been both awe-inspiring and hugely encouraging that we’re on the right path to giving our clients something they value and enjoy!

Wish us luck!