Introducing Juliette Armand Skincare Products

We’re proud to introduce the brand new and exciting Juliette Armand skin care product range here at Araya Beauty

Finally, a line of beauty products that suits all of our clients, regardless of their skin types or conditions! We are proud to be associated with the Juliette Armand line of Skin Care Products and we’re confident that you’ll fall in love with this unique new facial treatment once you’ve experienced just how great it can make you look and feel!

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Did you know that people can tell a lot about you by simply looking at your face? It’s true. One can easily tell how much you care for your skin. A soft, supple and silky smooth facial skin tells that you indeed care about not only your appearance but your health as well. Conversely, a dry, wrinkled and botched face could be be interpreted that you are experiencing ill health, observing an unhealthy diet and even depict a care-free attitude towards your skin’s health. A person that doesn’t care about themselves can often be (mistakenly) assumed to not care about other people as well, meaning it could potentially cost you some potential suitors or even business/job opportunities.

It is purely because of these reasons and more that we at Araya Beauty salon have dedicated our livelihoods towards enhancing the health of your facial skin. We have taken immense time and energy towards using nothing but the best beauty products on our clients. Our endless search has finally led us to discovering the fabulous Juliette Armand line of skin care products. There is a wide variety of beauty products under this high quality brand that have been proven to achieve the kind of face perfection that dreams are made of; the kind previously only achievable through invasive cosmetic surgery and botox treatments.

So why Juliette Armand at Araya Beauty?

Before making the decision to adopt this new line of beauty products in our beauty salon, we undertook in-depth training and research to ensure that what we are about to bring to our lovely clients will bring nothing but the best results and guaranteed satisfaction. The beauty products by Juliette Armand were tried and tested on a group of volunteers for a period of one month, with some excellent results to report.

We’re glad to announce that some extraordinarily positive results were realised only after a short period of time. The first group of our study volunteers reported to have experienced softer, smoother and wrinkle-free facial skin after just 4-5 days of using their new facial products. Overall, the whole group reported an out-of-this-world kind of skin perfection after following through the entire treatment period.

Throughout the entire study process, we noticed some highlights that we feel you’ll be very interested to know. The following benefits outline the perks that the Juliette Armand line of skincare products bear that other brands we’ve worked with do not; outstanding qualities that sets this range of skincare products above any other versus anything else currently available on the Irish market.

Improved texture, hydration and skin tone

One of the most common ailments that we witness from speaking to clients who walk in our Araya Beauty for the first time is dry and uneven skin tone on their skin. This is a problem that this line of skincare products has proven to correct over a very short timeframe. The natural ingredients within Juliette Armand products successfully penetrates the skin, working their magic from the inside out. This way, you can be assured of long-lasting, satisfactory results.

Firms and lifts by plumping and hydrating your skin

The emergence of fine expression lines on the female face is common even in the youth. These get worse as the years go by. After using the upper and lower face mask, we noticed that the fine and highly-defined expression lines on our clients’ faces gradually disappeared, thus restoring their youthful skin. This instantly takes away years from your appearance which is everyone’s dream!

Safe ingredients, zero side effects

We discovered that the ingredients used to manufacture the Juliette Armand range of skincare products are carefully selected for the safety and invigoration of every user. The masterminds behind the careful selection and production of these beauty products were determined to be a notch higher in terms of producing products that would awe their users and inspire us beauticians to adopt this philosophy, they haven’t failed on either front!

Each skin type and mood is well considered in this case, meaning that the chances of experiencing harsh results while using these products is greatly reduced. We however, have a team of qualified skincare professionals ready to examine your skin to determine its skin type/mood in order to establish the most suitable type of product from the Juliette Armand elements range to use.

juliette armand facial products Ireland

You’ll be pleased to know that there is a wide variety of options to choose from under the Juliette Armand range of beauty products. These can be used during the night and day time. This also eliminates the need for shopping around for other brands and products to substitute for what they lack. You are guaranteed to find exactly what you need under the Juliette Armand brand. This also eliminates the chance of experiencing harsh side effects without necessarily knowing which product caused it. When you walk into our salon, rest assured that everything we use on your face will be a Juliette Armand product, with the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge you’re in safe, experienced and reliable hands from start to finish.

Waste not, want not

We have a vast experience with beauty products here in Ireland and in Asia and many are very disappointing; it comes as great relief that we’ve finally found a brand that fits with the Araya Beauty ethos and that we’re more than keen to row in behind with confidence.

Many brands we’ve dealt with are solely after making a profit off of your purchase at any cost. Common traits include situations whereby you find yourself using insane quantities of a product in one go, with huge pressure to continuously follow-up with constant refills or repeat purchases. Naturally, under this less admirable business model, within a short period of time, you run out and are forced to purchase another bottle.

Well, we are delighted to report that the Juliette Armand line of skincare products stands out in this regard for a number of key reasons. One of the little things that beauty consumers often tend to overlook is the usefulness and efficiency of a product. Unlike most alternative skincare products in the market, each of the products within the Juliette Armand skincare range is designed to be used in small quantities, less – believe it or not – is more!

Just a pea-sized amount of product is enough for your face. This means that you unknowingly get great value for your money and there’s no hard upsell from the company or indeed ourselves for you to continuously come back for more; we leave that entirely within your own realm. It will be a long time before you are feeling the need to purchase a new bottle, but we’re quietly confident that you’ll be back for more once that day comes; and we don’t say that lightly about any old product range!

Once again, we are truly honoured to announce to our esteemed customers that we have finally discovered the perfect range of beauty products that will not only restore their youthful looks but also maintain them; no more botox, no more costly trips to the cosmetologist! The Juliette Armand range of skincare products is a secret that has been revealed to us just in time. We can’t wait for you to sample it!

Juliette Armand Offer Dublin

Join us for our free Juliette Armand product demonstration evening!

To celebrate the launch of this brand new skincare treatment range here at Araya Beauty, we’re inviting all of our lovely clients to a free product demonstration evening on Thursday, September 1st, 2016 from 6pm-8pm in our Leopardstown salon. There’ll be goodie bags, free product samples, complimentary snacks, discount vouchers and refreshments and of course, some great, informative fun to be had on the evening!

We’ll also be selecting a lucky nominee to be our demonstration model for a free Juliette Armand Diamond facial treatment on the evening, so please feel free to come along and don’t forget to help us spread the word and tell your friends on social media via our dedicated Araya Beauty salon beauty pages on TwitterInstagramFacebook and YouTube!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon for this exciting new chapter in the evolution of Araya Beauty!

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