Summer Beauty Tips for 2021

Summer is finally upon us (kinda!)

Whoever said you can’t plan for the future certainly had their head on straight. ‘Global pandemic’ wasn’t really on anyone’s agenda at the turn of the year, but six months in and the sunny season is fast approaching but will warm days and great weather be enough to dispel the clouds of gloom?

Well, if you fail to prepare then you’re preparing to fail, and while things may feel uncertain now, the only way we’re all going to feel better is if we set our sights on the future and get ready to enjoy it.

With our salon closed until at least June (we’re still awaiting official government guidelines on it), we’re taking plenty of bookings for late July and August but all we can do is wait it out and remain positive and offer free home-care advice in the meantime.

In that spirit, what can we do to ensure health, happiness, and beauty as we move into the summer months? Well, there’s a load of emerging beauty trends you can jump aboard, of course, but we always prefer sticking to the staple, mainstays of the Irish beauty scene which we’re seeing a tide of undying demand for!

Take care of your skin

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. It’s good advice even when you haven’t been washing your hands all day every day, but under current conditions, it’s essential.


Frequent washing will dry out your hands, making cracking and skin ageing more apparent. You’ve taken care of your hands one way, now make sure you look after them in another by stocking up on a trustworthy moisturiser. Extra points if it’s travel-size so when the airports get busy again, you can bring ’em away on that hard-earned holiday you’ve been yearning for!

Here comes the sun

With all that extra time spent indoors, your skin has probably been missing both the tanning qualities of sunlight and the revitalising vitamins it delivers.

Solve this problem with a replenishing vitamin facial – both the replenishing experience your skin needs and the ideal detox for anyone who’s got the stay-at-home blues.

Feel smooth for you

Shaving your legs is a drag so – if you’ve been in lockdown for weeks with only your nearest and dearest to notice – it’s likely that you’ve let shaving fall by the wayside.

But as temperatures rise and fashions change, you’ll be glad to get rid of unwanted hair, both for personal comfort and for the way it makes you feel. That’s why summer is the perfect time for laser hair removal or a comprehensive waxing.

smooth legs after waxing

professional waxing even slows regrowth, adding value for money and ensuring you can enjoy a few weeks in the sun without any additional hassle.

The eyes have it

With limited access to beauty professionals, consider indulging in a gorgeous eyelash extension treatment that will ensure there’s no need to buy and reapply mascara over the unpredictable months to come. Wow them from a distance with fluffy, movie star eyelashes!

Keep safe, keep beautiful

So, those are our tips for staying gorgeous this summer. While we should all obey the current safety measures, they won’t be there forever, and once we’re free – wow, are we going to party!

Whether your summer ends up being filled with foreign travel or a sensible ‘staycation’, the simple pleasures of being free to enjoy the weather and precious time spent making the best of it with loved ones, we all need to feel a little beautiful now and then, so be good to yourself, be good to those around you, and consider booking some beauty treatments in advance so you’ve got a little something to look forward to when things settle down.

From Dublin’s best beauty salon, stay safe, and remember that the first step to an amazing summer is being ready to enjoy it!

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