Spray Tan Guide for the Irish Winter

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Achieve the Summer Look Year-Round

Tanning is not just for the summer months only; everyone appreciates a little golden glow beneath the face of grey skies and bleak winter weather! A gentle winter tan can brighten the eyes, lift your complexion, boost your positive mental attitude, as well as make you look and feel more energised.

Bronzing is becoming even more popular in Irish beauty salons, with the proliferation of sunbed salons and spray tanning options on the rise on main streets across the nation in recent years. With the changing climate, the natural skin texture and colour of Irish girls also tends to change. That’s why many Irish girls are opting for some spray tan, to see you through the bleak winter weather without the need to book sunbeds or jet off the the Canaries for a top-up on your Summer glow!

That said, there’s always the danger of over-doing it and standing out for all the wrong reasons when it comes to tanning with subtlety! Be sure to play it cool and ensure your tan looks natural and elegant with our essential list of top winter tanning rules to observe.

Prepare Your Skin

Before you do any tanning, it is important to prepare your skin. A good method would be to exfoliate, which will ensure that you acquire an even tan. Invest in a good quality all-over exfoliator or even true body polish. These products will prepare your skin for the best winter glow.

An exfoliator will also leave your skin fresh and cleansed. An exfoliator helps in removing dead skin cells while keeping your skin feeling and looking refreshed throughout the day. There are several products in the market for this. One of the best exfoliating self-tanning options out there is Soap and Glory Body Polish, which is currently retailing for less than €10 in Boots.

Swap Creams for Oils

Tanning oils are preferable in winter, instead of creams. Products such as St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Oil contain Brazil nut oil, which nourishes your dry skin deeply while leaving the skin with an amazing glow. Applying a single coat is just enough, since you may just want to enhance your pale-looking winter skin.

Tanning facial oils are more preferable during winter, since they provide both color and hydration. Just apply on the skin at least three nights per week and your complexion will definitely glow. Tanning oils take an average of 12 hours to develop. It is therefore, advisable to apply at night and give it at least 30 minutes to sink in, before sleeping. Don’t forget to wipe your palms and nails after use. Additionally, splash your face with cold water before tanning, to close those pores.

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Don’t Overdo It!

As much as you might want to appear brighter and more beautiful to counter the winter gloom, take care not to overdo your winter faux glow! Through regular tanning and adhering to the recommended formulas, you can avoid a complexion that looks like a Halloween pumpkin or the ‘Tango look’ as some Dublin girls call it! Light-skinned ladies should always stick to formulas designed for their type of skin. In order to achieve the best results, you can go with something like James Read, which provides gradual colour portions, instead of leaving your face looking caked.

Nourish Your Skin

Your Irish winter tan will only glow if it has been applied on nourished skin. With that in mind, you will require a nice moisturiser. This will ensure that your tan looks amazing while keeping your skin nourished. When choosing a moisturiser, go for a product that has been specifically formulated to enhance self-tanning.

When it comes to shampoo, body wash and soaps, choose products that are gentle on your skin. A good product would be MineTan 3-in-1 Gradual Tanner. This is a perfect winter moisturiser, since it takes care of skin in numerous ways. Additionally, avoid scrubbing your skin as well as wiping yourself dry. Instead, pat yourself gently with a towel, once you are done bathing.

Avoid Long, Hot Showers

As much as the temperatures are falling to sub-zero digits, that is not an excuse to succumb to temptation and indulge in those frequent long and hot showers. If you want your tan to last longer, then you will need to avoid them. Whether you self-tan or visit our beauty salon for a bespoke spray-tanning treatment, your first shower should not last more than 30 seconds. Apart from that, water temperature should be close to body temperature or lukewarm at most.

Hot showers will only break your tan, while making it fade away. If you have to take daily showers, make them short. Your skin undergoes a natural regeneration process while producing oils that leave a glow. If you spend too much time in the sauna or in the pool, as well as showering with intense heat water, your skin will definitely dry out while your tan will fade away.

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Make Your Tan Last

If you apply a tanning spray at home, you should expect that some areas of your skin will lighten up while others will simply hold color. Stay moisturised and hydrated always. You can also experiment with patchwork tanning during winter, especially in areas where there is minimal skin on show such as arms, face and back. This saves you a lot of time and effort. In short, you will just be applying spray tan on only the areas, which are on show.

Apart from saving you time and effort, your spray tan will also last longer. Mix a small amount of tan with your foundation, in order to match your face and the rest of the body. Choose instant tan lotions, since they are silicone based. This means that they will not run off, when exposed to snow or rain.

Avoid Splotchy Application

If you want to avoid streaky stems, then you should invest in a quality mitt applicator. This convenient applicator helps in absorbing excess product while offering an even and smooth surface, for spray tan application. Moreover, you will not have to deal with splotchy wrists or hands. This is a necessity for tanning during the Irish Winter. While applying the lotion, with the mitt applicator, do it in sweeping motions, while allowing a break of five minutes in between. This ensures that the coat dries to perfection.

Enjoy the Benefits of Bellamianta Luxury Tanning

Here at Araya Beauty, we’re delighted to be able to offer a clean and nutritious luxury tanning service in our dedicated spray-tanning room. Our tanning salon, as well as our spray-tanning products, are among the best you’ll find anywhere in South Dublin. We use the unique and luxurious Irish-made Bellamianta Tanning Range which have been enriched with natural skin benefits to ensure that once you leave our tanning salon, you will have a glowing complexion to brighten your day, regardless of how miserable it may be outside during the Irish Winter!

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The Bottom (Tan) Line

Whenever you require a touch-up to maintain your current tan or retain your bronzed glow, we strongly feel that Bellamianta Luxury Tanning offers the perfect solution as they have a proven track record of delivering great results, within a very short tanning time. As winter approaches, you don’t have to bid your tan goodbye, with Bellamianta at Araya Beauty, you can feel and look like a golden goddess throughout the year!

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