Top Tips to Make Your Spray Tan Last Longer

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Make the Most of Your Golden Tone!

With Ireland offically declared as the world’s second-largest fake tanning market (after Sweden, somewhat surprisingly) it comes as little surprise to see such a boom in demand here in recent years, given our penchant for celeebrating and unfortunate affliction of a dismal lack of natural sunshine on our fine isle!

A glorious spray tan is perfect to give you a boost of confidence and bring a beautiful glow to a fabulous holiday or party. Since they make us feel so good and look so great, we often don’t want them to disappear.

So, to help your spray tan last longer, we’ve put together some these 4 top tips to help you keep glowing throughout Spring/Summer and beyond!

  1. Preparation is key
  2. Dress appropriately
  3. Avoid water
  4. Embrace the aftercare protocol

If it’s that year-round sparkle you desire, please check out our Spray Tanning Guide to the Irish Winter, otherwise, please read contunue reading for our tanning maintenance tips which also apply throughout the four seasons (which can fall in a single day here as we all know too well!)

1. Preparation is essential

If you don’t prepare your body, then your tan won’t last as long. Make sure that your body is well exfoliated and shave at least a full 24 hours before your tanning session. This process will allow your skin to prepare itself by removing any dead skin cells that are on your body, this will reduce the risk of streaks or patchy areas occurring on your tan.

Once you have exfoliated, the next step is to moisturise well and focus on the area in which tanning products usually cling to, such as your knees, knuckles and elbow areas. If you ensure you take all these steps of preparation, you will be rewarded with a long-lasting tan.

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2. Wear the appropriate attire

Loose clothing is always the best choice for a spray tan as it’s less likely to cause streaks or patches. Try your best to avoid wearing a bra for a few hours after your tan to ensure no patches arise around this area.

Don’t wear shoes with tight straps, try and use loose-fitting flip-flops. Remember not to panic if you find some marks on your feet, you can easily exfoliate this to make them even.

3. Don’t come in contact with water

Before you go near water after a spray tan, you need to give yourself a full 24 hours away from any water, including swimming, the gym or rainwater (we know, this may sound tricky, even in the height of an Irish summer!)

When it’s time to take a shower, you should use natural cleaning products and lukewarm water when it’s possible.

And before you ask; yes, you can of course drink water!

dodging the rain

4. Follow the appropriate aftercare measures

Your aftercare is just as important as your preparation. The typical lifetime of a spray tan is 5-10 days (depending on the brand used). Your duration will also be affected by your lifestyle and activities.

However, when your tan does begin to fade you should exfoliate lightly to help keep it even and ensure it still looks fabulous. Then when your tan has completely disappeared, it’s time to book your next appointment via our dedicate spray tanning service page!

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