Make Up Application

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Our team of makeup experts here at Araya Beauty will first begin by cleansing your face. This entails using cleansers from MAC that will get rid of any leftover makeup, dirt, sweat and other things.

A basic cleaning product is good enough in most cases but we may also use a clean canvas or wipes that helps remove any hidden dirt or germs to ensure you get the most from your make-up session with us.

As with all of our treatments here at Araya Beauty, we only use the highest quality products that are certified as safe and friendly to your skin and won’t irritate, leave any roughness, cause reddening or have any side effects, hence the choice of the ever-reliable, ever-popular, classic MAC makeup range.

After your face has been thoroughly cleansed, the next step is toning and moisturizing that aims at ensuring your face is ready for applying makeup. Your make-up specialist will gently apply a high quality primer from MAC that ensures the makeup will remain in place all day long. It acts as the binder, or holding surface between the makeup and your skin.

Next, we use a duo fiber brush that features white tips to apply the foundation on the face and neck as well.

Thirdly, we apply a concealer in form of a triangular shape beneath your eyes and highlighter on the cheekbones.

Fourthly, we apply blush on the cheeks all the way to the temples and shadow on the lids beneath the lashes.

The fifth step is applying soft brown shade using a fluffy dusting brush and swiping mascara.

Finally, we swipe on some lipstick in the colour and texture of your choice using a lip brush and voila; you’re looking fab!

Our full make up application options are ideal to suit any special occasion you may have planned, be it a Debs, a wedding, a hen night or just a good girls’ night out on the town! The many benefits of choosing Araya Beauty for your makeup needs include:

  • Draws attention to the natural beuaty of your eyes
  • Brightens your face and enhances the facial features
  • Removes any blemishes, discoloration or roughness
  • Enhances the radiance of your face, maintaining balanced PH levels and providing UV protection
  • Ensures the makeup doesn’t run or smudge and will stay on the face all day long
  • It enhances your facial features such as cheeks, nose and lashes

You can rest easy knowing that we only use MAC products that are known to be effective, reliable and safe. For bridal make-up and bespoe beauty packages for your wedding party, please see our unique range of bridal beauty package offerings.