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You will be asked if you have tried Thai massage previously, or not. For those, who are used to enjoying this massage can go on with the regular step. Otherwise, we will explain a bit about the overall process of the massage, because some clients may feel a little bit uncomfortable with some stretching poses.

You are then asked to listen to some music while relaxing by laying down upon the mat. Some clients are aware that they have to wear very comfortable clothes. Or else, clients can wear the robe which is provided by the Araya Beauty.

After five minutes, we will start massaging, from the feet, ankles, shoulders, spine and up to the head lightly. This is the first step for relaxing all the body parts for improving the blood circulation.

We will start stretching clients’ hands, legs and some other body parts. Some stretches resemble yoga movements.

Stretching the body parts will continue for approximately 60 minutes, in which clients will experience various stretching poses that involve all parts of the body.

This is to ensure that the body can feel relaxed and balanced. We also apply several movements for enhancing joints’ movement and increasing the muscle flexibility.


While many people might feel surprised because they don’t get the relaxation through some kinds of conventional massage, you will still enjoy Thai massage benefits like:

  • Increased energy
  • Better body flexibility
  • Relaxed body and mind

This is why, it is recommended to ask for various features of Thai massage before starting this procedure. However, Thai massage is perfect for everyone who doesn’t exercise regularly, because they might need some stretching movements for relaxing their strained muscles.

This massage is also good for elderly people, who often feel tight muscles, due to the lack of flexibility.