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Preparation Before Your Spray Tanning Procedure Begins

It’s important to prepare for a skin tan so that you can achieve that beautiful tan that everyone will talk about for days! Firstly, you need to clean your body to remove all dead skin and to open up the pores. You could use a body scrub or a brush for this, which will help reduce moisture.

The end result will be an evenly toned skin and toxins will be kept away. Cleanse your skin with spa products of your choice, this helps to take off any remaining dead skin. Have a body wax at least two days prior and be sure to let us know of any news in relation to your skin health during this period.

First thing you need to do when you go to have a spray tan is you have to remove all your clothes and jewellery. Put on only what is provided. Rub on some cream too to prevent the fake tan on your soles and add protection to your nails.

Explain to your beauty therapist how dark you want to become. The darker the tan tone selected, the longer you will have it on for. Your therapist then applies a formula on you that will prove quite cold. Araya Beauty have their own way of spray tanning and work from the face down going front to back on every body part.

Follow instructions to avoid to avoid uneven tone. You will get dried after this and then your nails shall be cleansed. Put on lose clothing and boots so as not to take off the tan.

Your skin glows when you get a spray tan.


The imperfections on your skin like varicose veins, stretch marks, uneven tone will not be seen for a while. Spray tanning will help you achieve what sun bathing would but minus the harmful ultra violet rays. You will also look slimmer and healthier. Then there’s this all-good-feeling that the process gives you; based on the vibes we get from our clients upon completion of the tanning proces, it’s fair to say that a spray tan is surely a confidence booster!