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Preparation before your Cryopen treatment begins:

Our unique CryoPen treatment requires little to no preparation on the part of the client and follow-up may not be required after your initial treatment. This form of cryotherapy treatment can generally be administered to men and women of all shapes and sizes here in Ireland since the process is safe and minimally-invasive. Upon visiting our aesthetic clinic, your therapist will inform you whether your current situation allows you to get this treatment or not following full assessment.

CryoPen can be used to treat warts, birthmarks, moles, skin tags and sun spots among other skin problems so please do ensure your area of concern is clean and hygienic prior to visiting Araya Beauty. We will, of course sterilise the area prior to your treatment but please ensure there are no swollen or open-wound elements to the skin condition, otherwise it may require more time to heal before we can treat you.

Once you’re feeling relaxed and prepared, you’ll be led to one of our comfortable treatment rooms where your clinician with commence this quick and painless procedure.

The CryoPen is held close to the skin and a small does of nitrous oxide inside the pen is sprayed on to the problematic part of your skin. The amount of time taken to spray the liquid nitrogen will depend on how large and deep the lesion is. It generally takes between five to thirty seconds and it will not take more than a minute.

The nitrous oxide is left until the unhealthy part of the skin softens and regains its original skin pigmentation and natural tone. A blister usually forms between 2 and 24 hours after the procedure, which is perfectly normal and a sign that the cryotherapy has worked.

Healing after the blister breaks may take between 1 and 4 weeks depending on how large and deep the lesion was. It is important to keep the treatment area sterile and free from tight clothing throughout the healing period to ensure a full and flawless skin reparation result.

There are many truly beneficial reasons to select CryoPen over traditional forms of cryotherapy or more traditional, surgical remedies to your skincare woes. These benefits include:


  • The CryoPen treatment is fast and effective, with treatment time lasting less than a minute
  • It is safe and environmentally friendly since unhealthy cryogenic gases or liquids are not used
  • There is no need for a referral since the treatment can be done immediately on site here at Araya Beauty Clinic
  • Using CryoPen ensures precision since only the unhealthy tissue will be treated and none of the healthy tissue will be in contact with the CryoPen
  • Little to no pain is experienced during the procedure; only tingling sensations may be experienced during application of the liquid nitrogen.
  • Even those with little tolerance to pain can withstand any pain experienced, if any
  • Side effects are very rare, with no instances reported here in Ireland to date

So, if you are seeking a fast and efficient way of painlessly improving the appearance of problem skin areas, cryotherapy here at Araya Beauty may just be the solution you’ve been looking for all along! Why not pay us a visit and let our trained clinicians help you achieve the desired results from your chosen cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatment.