Opsis Eye Therapy


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Before your Opsis Eye Therapy begins here at Araya Beauty, your dedicated Juliette Armand facial expert will start by cleansing your eyes and analysing your skin. We will discuss with you about your skin concerns. The skin needs to be checked if it is ready for treatment; this is because sensitive skin can react adversely to the facial treatment. Try eliminating pimples in your skin before your Opsis eye therapy facial. This is because treatment process can worsen the situation and end up with more pimples. Make sure you are not exposed to the sun for at least a week before your appointment. Also, make sure any bruises or burns heel off before coming for a facial. Chemicals can cause inflammation and damage the bruise more.

This procedure lasts for 45 minutes on average and we always allow you enough extra time to relax after the treatment. Your therapist will then massage in some Juliette Armand serum before applying a mask rich in Vitamin C. This masks helps in hydrating and firming the contours of your eyes. A relaxing treatment is applied as the mask performs magic on your eyes. Scalp massage is done during the application. The therapist applies another mask to the eyes which will then be massaged in by performing lymphatic drainage massage. This helps in reducing puffiness and brightens your eyes. The therapy concludes with the application of creams and serums which leave you refreshed and relaxed with young looking eyes. This is followed by final discussions and recommendations by your therapist.

Opsis Eye Therapy from Juliette Armand eliminates dark circles and wrinkles on your eyes while fighting dehydration and puffiness. Araya Beauty aims at delivering results that are visible using high-end techniques and ingredients. The treatment process is performed in warm and well lit rooms which provides comfort.


  • Massaging helps in relieving stress by allowing you to relax.
  • Opsis therapy provides a clear complexion and a nice glow around your eyes.
  • Masking helps in detoxifying and hydrating your skin.
  • Proper analysis by our therapists allows you to learn about your skin type.
  • Targeting the eyes helps in preventing premature ageing.
  • Removing eye circles results into fresher and young looking eyes.
  • It brings down water retention in your eyes which reduces swelling and puffiness around the eyes.
  • Pores are tightened which results into a well-toned skin.