Book Your CND Shellac Nails Today

Most stylish Irish women are already well familiar with Shellac by CND. Shellac is a Gel polish brand that can be applied on both artificial and natural nails. It is becoming increasingly popular globally and it is being used in hand treatment or manicure and foot treatment or pedicure. At Araya Beauty, we have experienced nail technicians ready to offer you relaxing Mani/Pedi treatments with Shellac. Once you decide to have a Mani/Pedi with Shellac, you need to book an appointment. Although we do take walk-ins, we recommend that you book an appointment with us in advance because sometimes we get booked up and very busy. Therefore, to ensure that you never miss out on your Shellac treatment, please schedule a treatment session with us in advance. Once you arrive at Araya Beauty, our experts will guide you in picking out the polish colour. You can ask as many questions as you want about your Shellac application and our experts will answer them. They will also ask you some questions to ensure the best outcome of your treatment. For instance, our technician may ask you what length or shape you want for your nails.

For a manicure with Shellac, cuticles will be pushed and softened as a way of preparing them for removal. Your nails will be shaped, filed or trimmed depending on your preferred nails length. After some buffering, briefing or discussion and a relaxing massage, our technician will apply shellac on your nails.

For pedicures with shellac, you will be directed to a highly enjoyable and relaxing massage chair. Our technician will soak your feet in jet spas. After smoothing and removing the dead skin and calluses from your feet, you will have a leg massaged with a hot, steamy towel topping. Nail and cuticle trimming, buffering and shaping will be performed in preparation of the nails for colour application. Shellac will be added and you will be allowed to leave in boots and your pedicure will still last.

Some of the many fabulous benefits of Mani/Pedi with CND shellac treatments include:

No grinding or sanding is required It lasts for more than 2 weeks without chipping or dulling It is an FDA approved gel that hardens nails It dries immediately Simple removal process Contact Araya Beauty now for more details or to book your appointment for a Mani/Pedi with shellac session.