Thavma Miracle Therapy

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Thavma ‘Miracle’ Therapy from Juliette Armand is a relaxing way to remove wrinkles and facial lines. As such it is important that you feel relaxed during the whole process.

Before coming to our spa, please avoid intake of alcohol or caffeine products as they tend to tense your muscles. Avoid excess liquid intake before coming to the spa. The Thavma ‘Miracle’ Therapy treatment lasts an hour in total at Araya Beauty.

For your comfort and convenience, we encourage you to change into a spa robe that you shall find in our changing rooms. We supply clean robes and a safe area to store your clothes. You can then move on to the waiting area where one of our facial experts shall meet you.

If you have any contact lenses, it’s best to remove them before starting. For best results, please arrive without any makeup. Our team shall remove any excess makeup too.

We need to know more about what you eat and how you take care of your skin. To do this, our skin care expert shall conduct an initial analysis as they double cleanse your face.

After the initial analysis, our facial specialist shall gently exfoliate your skin to remove excess makeup and dead skin cells. You should feel freshened up and ready for the next step.

We then proceed to apply a facial peel to your skin. It’s important as it improves your skin texture, tone, and hydration. Your skin is now ready for improved penetration of Araya Beauty ingredients.

We then proceed to hydrate your skin. To do so, we apply a lower and upper face mask. It’s also important as it plumps up your skin as well as lifting and firming. As the masks work their magic, your therapist should be completing your scalp massage.

Your therapist shall then remove the masks and start applying the Thavma Serum and creams. The serum is targeted specifically to the lines on your skin as well as wrinkles. The goal is to prevent any loss of skin elasticity, reduce the skin lines and any annoying dark circles your eyes.

Take a few moments to experience your glowing face and smooth contours on your face.

If you do not wish to take a risk with invasive beauty procedures such as Botox, then Thavma Miracle Therapy may be ideal for you.

The cutting edge EFFECTOX™ technology inhibits wrinkles and expression lines on your face. This is without the long term effects of paralysing your facial muscles as Botox does.

  • Treatment is pain-free and comfortable
  • Natural way to return skin firmness and elasticity
  • You get protection from biological and photo ageing
  • You don’t need to get wrinkle fillers through skin injections

You also get the Araya Beauty guarantee of personalised and professional skin care preparation, procedure and after care that you deserve!