French Polish

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Araya Beauty Salon assures our clients the greatest choices of non-acetone formulas before the start of a Mani/Pedi French Polish. We guarantee you an experience that is unique and relaxing, leaving you fully satisfied with the end product of all our nail care services.

Our entire Mani/Pedi treatment will be the most refreshing nail experience a busy Irish woman requires and we can ensure you that you’re in for a very relaxing time in our beauty salon.

Prior to commencing your French Polish, our nail specialists will remove existing nail polish with a snap by applying non-acetone removers, ensuring every trace of old polish is removed from all corners.

Clippers are used to gently trim and shape your nails, leading to beautiful nails. Our beauty salon uses the smoothest, most fragrant body scrubs for delicate nails. We guarantee split-free nails. Even for the most delicate ones.

Base coats work miracles by bringing out the shine of the bright nail polish. What you get from Araya Beauty is expertly polished nails. We are among the best beauty salons you can find for nail treatments in Dublin and our nail technicians will ensure you leave fully satisfied with your lovely new French Polish.

To attain and maintain a striking glaze, we apply the first layer and allow it to dry. We know how critical the drying process is and we do not take this for granted.

The second layer to be applied involves a coating that is more advanced. To acquire smooth and crisp finish, the second layer is applied as thinly as possible.

A blend of these two layers assures quick drying as well as long life of the French Polish.

Your newly-applied French Polish will leave you with very beautiful nails. After leaving the nails untouched for several minutes, you will acquire the most attractive nails you have ever had.

You will get the feeling of a revitalised woman as you relax watching your new nails sparkle as they dry.

Your problems just fade away and are left behind as the new feeling brought by new nails fills you.