Mesotherapy Facelift

Mesotherapy Face Lift

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Preparation for needle mesotherapy begins importantly by ensuring our clients have a full understanding of the treatment and what it entails. Therefore, consulting our clinicians on this therapy will be of great help if it’s your first visit to Araya Beauty.

This will enable your therapist to diagnose your skin condition and determine whether you have any potential contra-indications for this procedure, in which case we will look for an alternative skincare treatment to satisfy your facial needs.

Your fully qualified skincare specialist will explain to you in detail what the facial uplift procedure entails. This includes an outline of the density of the elements to be used, the treatment time intervals, the duration of the mesotherapy application and the various techniques available for use in our salon.

As per all our mesotherapy facial treatments, proper disinfection of the facial area with alcohol solution will precede the treatment process for optimum hygiene and cleanliness.

The provision of facelifts using needle mesotherapy is not an overly complicated process. With respect to your personal needs, our skincare professionals in Araya Beauty will prepare just the right vitamin and protein cocktail for your procedure.

This will result in a formulation that is therapeutic, regenerative and moisturising via the use of only the highest quality products. The common formulation usually comprises of agents including hyaluronic acid, vitamins (A, B, C, E, and K), nucleic acids, coenzymes, and minerals.

The process involves a series of micro-injections that are injected intradermally. The depth of the injection is dependent on the main aim or purpose of the therapy, in this case, it is tailored specifically to target the lifting of your face and surrounding areas. Your therapist may begin by applying a lidocaine numbing ointment to reduce discomfort and the feeling of prickling sensations.

Please bear in mind that a single session may not be enough to achieve the desired results. However, you can observe the changes in skin condition after the first treatment. Best effects are achieved after several treatment sessions at Araya Beauty, we generally recommend a course of six treatments for the best results. The number and intensity depend on your expectations and skin condition. Normally, four sessions with 2-3 weeks’ interval with one or two top-ups in the following months are recommended.

Our signature mesotherapy facelift at Araya Beauty is a safe procedure with the following range of long-lasting benefits for your skin:


  • Reduces deep wrinkles
  • Facilitates deep facial skin hydration
  • Prevents the formation of ‘first wrinkles’
  • Maintains the biological skin balance
  • Intensively thickens and regenerates the dermis
  • Combats sagging and aging skin
  • Gives added luminosity to the facial skin