Facial Hair Removal

Facial Hair Removal

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Prior to undergoing any facial hair removal treatments, skin-cream compatibility tests are conducted to determine our clients’ skin sensitivity.

The facial removal cream/wax that suits the client is selected for use. If you prefer waxing or threading, the hair needs to be long enough for wax to grip.

Skin inflammations and broken skin are checked prior to waxing or threading treatments.

Facial hair removal using cream

For the cream removal option, a smooth and thick layer of depilatory cream is applied on the unwanted facial hair area.

The cream is left for averagely seven minutes or as is determined by the treatment expert

The cream is gently wiped off and the hair it eliminated from the unwanted area

Then skin is then rinsed of using lukewarm water.

The area is patted dry and a smooth finishing ointment is applied to the area.

Hair removal using wax

A wax strip is applied on the hair growth area by strictly following the direction of hair growth.

The wax strip is given time to dry out and harden.

The skin is held taut prior to pulling off the strips.

The strips are quickly pulled out in the direction opposite to the hair growth pattern.

Soothing oil is applied to the waxed area, resulting in a smooth, babyface for all of our happy clients!

Facial hair removal gives you a boost of renewed confidence, leaving you ready to meet friends and colleagues comfortably and relaxed.


  • It is a crucial part of your personal hygiene
  • Leaves you feeling clean and beautiful
  • It makes you feel more confident in your looks
  • Eliminates low self-esteem and gives you the freedom to engage in romantic relationships
  • Waxing could keep the hair from growing for up to one month especially is frozen wax is used
  • You can make those all-important facial expressions without having to worry about what you look like
  • Hair removal is relatively cheap and can be easily afforded on an ongoing basis