Express Facial

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If you’re in a rush and don’t have time for one of our full facials, then our express facial offers all the goodness of our regualr Juliette Armand facials in just half the time!

Before our therapists begin working on your express facial here at Araya Beauty, they’ll first need to prepare your skin for the procedure. They begin by removing any make-up from your face, so that you can commence the treatment with a fresh, natural skin tone. It also involves cleansing the skin of pollutants and pore debris to ensure the face is cleaner.

To ensure maximum comfort during the procedure, we supply our clients with an optional loose robe to help keep potentially oily products away from your clothes. Finally, the hair line is covered with a protective band and the express facial treatment will then get underway.

The express facial procedure or session usually lasts 30 minutes. With that, the client can be made to relax as the treatment is performed. Our therapists will begin the procedure with a brief, soothing massage for the face and neck. That is then followed by cleansing of the skin, light exfoliation and gentle massage. We use high-quality Juliette Armand cleansers for skin preparation, which means clients will experience less irritation during and after the procedure.

After cleansing and toning the skin, our therapists will perform personalized exfoliation treatment before applying a customized Juliette Armand mask on the client’s face. These highly popular masks are uniquely formulated for different types of skins including dry, sensitive, combination and acne skin.

The therapist will then apply an appropriate Juliette Armand eye cream which will rest for a few minutes before a face treatment serum is put on the face. And to complete the procedure, a veil of light moisturizer is applied on the face or appropriate lip balm. We guarantee you’ll leave our spa completely relaxed with a rejuvenated facial skin.

Our unique express facial procedures here at Araya Beauty not only soothe the skin, but come with a myriad of health benefits. The treatment can typically help rejuvenate your facial skin, making it looking younger and glowing. Other key benefits come with our Juliette Armand express facial treatments include:

  • Mask and moisturiser helps firm up the skin
  • It can help treat stubborn conditions like acne
  • The neck and shoulder massage during the procedure helps clients enjoy deep relaxation