OxyGeneo Facial

oxygeneo facial treatment at Araya Beauty in Dublin

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Preparation before your OxyGeneo Facial treatment begins:

Thankfully, the OxyGeneo facial is suitable for all skin types, so it’s a great option for sensitive skin type clients who might not be able to try microdermabrasion or laser skin resurfacing treatments.

Not much preparation is required for this facial treatment, although we do advise that the skin to be treated is free from irritation or infection.

Before your treatment, our practitioners will discuss your skin type and concerns with you, as this facial is customisable to different skin sensitivities. You can also decide between three treatment levels: Silver, Gold, or Platinum, depending on your skin’s needs.

For this facial, our expert practitioner will be using the OxyGeneo handheld device with two different head attachments, as well as a treatment gel infused with active ingredients. Unlike other exfoliating technologies, this is a non-vacuum device so there is no suction involved, and therefore less irritating for your skin.

First, we will make sure you are comfortable before cleansing and toning your skin to remove any makeup or residual products.

To start the OxyGeneo treatment, our practitioner will apply a treatment gel to your skin. We will choose from a selection of nutrient-rich gels containing active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, algae, kojic acid, azelaic acid, or vitamin C to treat your specific skin concerns.

Once the serum has been applied, our practitioner will fit the OxyGeneo wand with a Capsugen head made of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and magnesium. This will be used for the exfoliation and oxygenation process. The Capsugen will move in a buffing motion all over your skin to remove dead skin cells and clear out clogged pores, leaving behind a smoother, younger layer of skin.

Simultaneously, this buffing motion will interact with the gel, causing the formation of carbon dioxide bubbles on your skin. These CO2 bubbles trigger what’s known as ‘the Bohr effect’, which causes your red blood cells to release oxygen. This brings oxygen-rich blood to the skin surface, and your skin will be oxygenated from within – with a serious, skin-plumping effect!

After washing away the foam from your skin, your treatment will vary depending on the level you have chosen:

  • Silver OxyGeneo facials will end with a relaxing face mask.
  • Gold OxyGeneo treatments will include a facial massage and a nourishing mask.
  • Platinum OxyGeneo treatments include a massage, a skin-tightening treatment, and a mask to finish.

The OxyGeneo facial provides all of the exfoliation benefits that other, more invasive abrasion treatments can offer, without causing skin irritation or requiring any downtime. The OxyGeneo treatment is not painful, although you will feel a tingling sensation and some heat during the natural skin oxygenation process, but this will subside quickly

OxyGeneo offers facial rejuvenation with immediate results, improving circulation at a deeper level than other treatments and leaving you with oxygenated skin that is healthy and vibrant.

By improving your skin oxygen levels from within, OxyGeneo has immediate effects:

  • Plump, hydrated skin
  • Brighter, more radiant glow – bye-bye tired, dull skin!
  • Even skin tone and texture improvement
  • Tighter, more youthful skin

Long-term benefits can be felt with a series of OxyGeneo treatments. These include:

  • Reduced skin pigmentation
  • Improvements to acne
  • Faster collagen production resulting in fewer fine lines and wrinkles

Other benefits of this versatile treatment include:

  • It’s cruelty-free and uses vegan ingredients
  • There’s no downtime
  • It’s suitable for all skin types

Best of all, when booking an OxyGeneo facial at Araya Beauty you can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of qualified and experienced practitioners. We are committed to providing you with an enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding beauty experience that will have you red carpet ready in no time!