OxyGeneo Facial Treatment


Duration: 60-70 mins

OxyGeneo Facial Treatment

The OxyGeneo facial is a revolutionary 3-in-1 ‘super facial’ designed to exfoliate, infuse, and oxygenate your skin.

This facial treatment uses innovative technology to naturally oxygenate your skin from the inside out, which hydrates, plumps, shrinks pores, and rejuvenates the skin for a brighter, more radiant complexion. The OxyGeneo facial is a great treatment for anyone with congested pores, acne, pigmentation, scarring, or sun damage. It’s also an effective anti-ageing treatment to combat dull, dry, sagging, and crepey skin.

This treatment offers the benefits of deep exfoliation combined with healing skin oxygenation, leaving you with instantly glowing skin with no downtime needed. The quick results of the OxyGeneo facial make it a great choice for anyone preparing for an upcoming event, party, wedding, or photoshoot!

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