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Eyelashes are a fundamental component of your looks. With professional treatment on your eyelashes, your fuller-looking natural lashes complement your eyebrows, giving you that daring sparkling look. There is that feeling of completeness when your eyelashes present those extra details to your outfit, that additional definition with more protruding eye lashes.

Ladies know what it means to have those natural loud eye lashes without mascara. The preparation begins with dry lashes which should be really squeaky-clean. This definitely bears no mascara. Fuller natural eyebrows are preferable as mascara can oftentimes make your eyelids heavier and sometimes even crusty thus your eyelash becomes more beautiful and resplendent.

Regarding the lash tinting process here at Araya Beauty, our preferable method is vegetable-based dye. These are safer for your eyelashes as per the fact that natural dye (healthier for your eyes) is the standard adopted by many top aestheticians here in Ireland.

The application of natural dye cuts down possible irritation to the sensitive areas of your eyes. This ensures you don’t have to use mascara every day. Our eyelash specialists refrain from using cleansing oils as these could break up the vegetable dye before the supposed time frame. Preferably, we will apply foaming wash cream cleansers and micellar water for our clients. This brings increased ‘oomph’ on your lashes, making sure the treatment lasts for more than three weeks at least.

Getting a tinting treatment for your eyelashes has tremendous benefits. It creates a whole new looks for your eyes. Most significantly, it saves you the arduous rigors of regularly applying mascara, putting them on in the morning and washing them off in the evening. This saves you time to spend on more productive activities.

Now in the case where you are the type that also spends a great deal of time on recreational activities like playing sports like swimming; or you are the lovely motherly type who chases her kids around on a hectic schedule, having your eyelashes treated with tinting is a great option as you obviously will not be wearing mascara at all times.