Aromatic Oil Massage

Aromatic Oil Massage Leopardstown

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Before you arrive for your oil massage, your massage therapist will create an atmosphere of aromatic bliss.

A room will be set up with a comfortable massage bed, clean linens, and dim lighting. The treatment room will remain quiet and well balanced throughout the course of your massage.

Aromatherapy of your choice will be delicately infused into the atmosphere using candles, incense, and/or oil diffusers.

Your therapist will speak with you about your goals for the massage and help you choose the most effective aromas for your treatment. You will then be left alone to undress and lay comfortably.

During your massage you can expect to lay on a comfortable bed with extra supports for your muscles and joints.

Your massage therapist will use a combination of scented massage oils and pure essential oils as they work through your different muscle groups with slow, relaxing motions. Your therapist may gently instruct you to take deep breaths inhaling the scents to maximise the therapeutic effects.

During the course of your massage, you can expect your mind and body to relax into the experience. You will be asked to turn over halfway through your massage to allow for even access to all muscle groups, with all modest areas being carefully covered with a sheet the entire time.

Aromatic oil massages are most ideal for a combination of physical and emotional symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.


After your massage, you can expect a continued sense of peace and calm.

If your therapist applied deep pressure to any areas of physical tension, then you may experience some mild soreness 24-48 hours in those areas after your massage.

Drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of your body and allow the aromas to circulate within. Regular aromatherapy massages can help create lasting relief from stress and tension with deep, natural effects on your mind and body.