Pregnancy Massage

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When you arrive for a pre-natal pregnancy massage here at Araya Beauty, you are given a client intake form to fill in if you are coming for our services for the first time. This normally takes a few minutes. Please make us aware of any health concerns that you have, specific areas of tension and the current medication that you are taking. The table and the room where massage takes place is specifically prepared for you. A full body pre-natal pregnancy massage typically includes legs, feet, shoulders, glutes, arms, hands, neck and back. If you like, face and the head can also be massaged.

During the preparation phase for a pregnancy massage, the mother is prepared both psychologically and physically in order to enjoy this services perfectly. The massage therapist ensures the intensity of the massage is minimised and focuses on the mother’s feedback. This basically ensures that nothing can possibly go wrong while the massage is going on. Another important thing to note is the body positioning of the expectant mother during a pregnancy massage is different from other massage types. Here, the expectant mother lays on her side to ensure that no harm to the unborn. However, in some instances, lying on the back or front is allowed but with careful modification to protect the child.

A pre-natal massage during pregnancy at Araya Beauty has many excellent benefits for both mother and unborn child. Stress relief – During the latter trimesters of pregnancy in which expectant mothers are going through some drastic body changes, they are bound to have a lot of stress. You will find many women worrying about the changes that occur in their bodies, the whole act of giving birth can weigh heavy on the mind as well as the body. A pre-natal massage can help you eliminate this stress and therefore enable you to lead a healthy life during your pregnancy and beyond. Swelling relief – One of the of the most common problems that women experience during pregnancy is swelling of the feet and lower legs. Pregnancy massage has been proven to increase blood circulation and relief swelling. Muscle relief – Expectant mothers often experience regular instances of cramping muscles. Massage has been known to solve all types of difficulties caused by muscles and therefore with pregnancy massage, you can be sure to have your problems solved as well.