Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting


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Many Dublin-based beauticians would agree that correction of the form and colour of the eyebrows is a good way to change the appearance, without resorting to more extreme methods such plastic surgery to improve your looks.

Visiting Araya Beauty for your specilaist eye treatments is an opportunity to get some real professional advice on getting your eyebrows shaped and tinted correctly. Furthermore, our eye care professionals can help you with some other issues related to your face, like skin problems, for example.

To prepare your face for your eyebrow tinting and shaping treatment, we will remove all the makeup and then apply some natural skin tonic to your face.

Your hair should be carefully tied in a hair band. Please try to restrain yourself from liquid intake before the treatment, so that you will be able to undertake the whole procedure without interruptions. Caffeine and alcohol intake prior this procedure is not advised.

An eyebrow tint and shaping session at Araya Beauty generally lasts less than half an hour. Eyebrow shaping is best done after tinting. This sequence allows us to paint over all the hairs that will formulate the tint. If the procedure is done in the opposite sequence, dye can cause discomfort and redness to the freshly-treated skin.

Eyebrow tinting is a very individualistic process, bespoke to each of our client’s own unique needs. The colour should be two or three shades darker than the hair and always in tone with it. We use a mixture of professional and totally natural tinting colours to get a beautiful and rich eyebrow colour that will truly match your hair type and leave you feeling completely satisfied.

The most common colours for eyebrows are brown and graphite black. After the dying procedure, we will use a special lotion on your eyebrows to remove the dye.

The benefits of choosing to get your eyebrows shaped and tinted here at Araya Beauty are plentiful and long-lasting. They include:

· Full coordination with the client on how best to shape and tint the eyebrows

· Professional advice and care

· Removal of hairs between the eyebrows

· Gentle skin treatment

· Removing hairs via their growth pattern

· Customer satisfaction guaranteed