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Our Clients’ Comfort Comes First

Here at Araya Beauty, we pride ourselves not only on the highest standards of prefessionalism and our dedication to top-notch service, but a firm dedication to custmer satisfaction, frindliness and the strictest of confidentiality.

With a wide range of innovative new beauty and aesthetic clinical treatments on offer within our salon walls, we’re keen to ensure that each and every visitor wecomed into our salon arrives feeling welcome and leaves feeling satisfied. Our team of fully qualified beauty therapists have not only been trade in their field of expertise, but also in the soft skills required to help take our salon to the next level and offer spa-standard service and hospitality at salon-standard rates.

Our commitment to you, the client, comes first and foremost and we’re keen to make amends should any aspect of your experience with us prove unsatisfactory.


Only the Best Materials Used

In choosing which brands to use in our daily beauty and aesthetic beauty treatments, a lot of careful planning, effort and consideration has gone in to ensuring the most natural, high quality and where possible, Irish made and sourced materials are used.

With a wealth of experience in treating our Dublin-based clients – and even those travelling from further afield for our renowned treatments – to a highly professional standard, no compromise has been made on the quality or indeed quantity of the materials we treat our clients with.

If, for whatever reason, you’d prefer us to use a product or material of your choice that we don’t currently use or stock, please feel free to pre-order to spec or notify us of your preferences prior to your appointment and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate and ensure our needs are met.