Eyebrow Lamination

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Preparation before your Brow Lamination treatment begins:

Before your brow lamination, you will have a quick consultation with our brow expert to determine the brow style and shape that you want.

Very little preparation is needed for your brow lamination appointment with us, although the process will be quicker if you arrive without makeup or products on your eyebrows. Avoid plucking your eyebrows or using any exfoliating acids or retinol on the area for a week prior to your treatment.

If you have rosacea, eczema, very sensitive skin, or a history of contact dermatitis, we will discuss the best way to approach the treatment and assess if it’s right for you.

If you like, your brow lamination can be applied at the same time as a lash lift, for double the beauty benefits in one treatment session. For more details, see our brow lamination and lash lift treatment page.

To start, our brow artist will apply a cream solution all over your eyebrows to relax the brow hairs. This solution will allow the hairs to be straightened and manipulated into a uniform shape.

Our brow artist will brush your brow hairs upwards and into the desired shape, fixing any gaps in the brows and managing those unruly hairs. The brows are then covered with plastic wrap and left to set in place for 10 minutes.

Once the first cream has been removed, we will apply a neutraliser to keep brows in place, leaving it to set again for another 10 minutes. At this stage, we can add brow tinting if desired, and tweeze or wax any stray hairs.

The brow treatment will finish with a nourishing oil, which will smooth your brows, prevent skin irritation and combat any dryness that may be caused by the chemical solutions used.

After this, you’re ready to leave our clinic with beautiful, feathery brows!

Eyebrow Lamination Aftercare:

After your brow lamination, it’s very important that you avoid getting your brows wet for 24 hours, as water can ruin the effectiveness of the chemical treatment. You should also avoid hot or steamy environments, sweaty workouts, makeup, facial/eyebrow oils, and sleeping on your eyebrows for 24–48 hours after the treatment.

You may see some slight redness around your eyebrows directly after the treatment, but this should subside within a few hours.

To maintain your eyebrows, apply a brow conditioner or some castor oil every day and brush your brows into place with a spoolie. You can also use a brow gel and/or pencil to perfect their shape as you see fit. If your brows get wet in the shower, brush them upwards after you’ve dried off to encourage them to maintain their shape. Your laminated brows should last around 6–8 weeks if maintained properly!

Brow lamination is an excellent beauty treatment for anyone who wants to make their brows fuller and thicker, without the needles or permanent tinting that come with microblading treatments.

Laminated brows are semi-permanent, and people love the long-term results they get from such a quick and non-invasive treatment process.

Eyebrow lamination can give a fuller brow to even sparse brows, as your own hair can be manipulated and tinted to fill out gaps – the results may surprise you! It’s a great way to combat thinning brows that have been over-plucked or are suffering from age-related hair loss.

The best news is that the resulting laminated brows are very low maintenance, and you’ll wake up with naturally full brows that makes your makeup routine a whole lot easier.

Here at Araya Beauty, you can rest assured that you and your eyebrows are in safe hands. We are experts in Irish beauty and we have been providing eyebrow and eyelash services for many years. We are perfectionists who are committed to leaving you with the perfect brows!