Mesotherapy Fat Reduction

Mesotherapy Fat Reduction

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Our specialised mesotherapy fat reduction procedure involves injections with tiny needles into the particular areas of fat. Some of the more common areas of injection include, but not limited to; buttocks, abdomen, thighs and hips, whereby roughly 1/10th to 2/10ths of the medication gets injected in 1 centimetre square increments.

The medication is intended to cause localised fat reduction which can be visible in 3 to 4 treatments.

During your treatment, multiple tiny injections of a special solution of natural extracts, vitamins and pharmaceuticals gets injected into the troublesome area (should be repeated every 2 weeks).

The medication dissolves the fat, which is then absorbed through the lymphatics, and finally transferred to the liver which naturally expels it from your body through ordinary bowel movements. About 4 to 6 sittings are required for the best results.

After the treatment, your Araya Beauty clinician will instruct and advise you on how to follow a low fat and healthy diet, along with some good exercises targeting your problem areas. Our mesotherapy treatment is the most effective and successful cellulite treatment programme in South Dublin.

Some key benefits of receiving a specialist Meso Cellulysis fat reduction treatment at Araya Beauty clinic include:


  • Mesotherapy cellulysis is the best alternative to the surgical options since there’s no scarring, no bruising and no recovery time.
  • Mesotherapy enhances your body’s lymphatic, immune system and circulatory system, which results in a much slimmer looking body and skin.
  • Since it’s minimally invasive than surgical alternatives, it’s relatively much less painful.
  • The treatment helps in eliminating unsightly areas of the body fat and brings your body back to its natural, healthy shape.
  • Mesotherapy helps fights the effects of aging, giving you a more youthful look; the treatment tightens loose skin, and restores the skin’s natural radiance that’s associated youth.
  • The fat reduction treatment can be used on almost any skin area, though its benefits are more noticeable on the neck, upper arms, face, décolleté, abs and thighs.
  • Mesotherapy is much less expensive than the invasive cosmetic surgeries.
  • It doesn’t pose risk of any long-term complications or side effects.