Chronos Time Therapy

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Facial Chronos Time Therapy by Juliette Armand is derived from an ancient Chronos treatment art that entails healing by colour. This therapy is based on the principle that electromagnetic waves have an influence on the human cells. It is also called light therapy or colour healing. Ideally, this therapy repairs marks that are left by time on the human face using light and colour technology to combat ageing signs. Once you decide to undergo facial Chronos time therapy, you need to book an appointment with Araya Beauty. Our therapist will discuss your issues with you to determine the most appropriate colours to use for your Chronos Time Therapy treatment. It is important to note that each colour has unique psychological, physiological and physical effects on the human body. Once you contact Araya Beauty and discuss your problems with us, our therapist will select the most appropriate colours to use during your Chronos time therapy. This will enhance and balance your emotional state once you absorb energy from the selected colours upon gazing at them.

Upon arrival in our salon, you will be guided into an ambient treatment room by one of our fully qualified therapists. Your facial skin will be double-cleansed and analysed carefully. Your therapist will continue the treatment with a skin exfoliation process to ensure that your skin is properly refreshed to allow for maximum penetration of the used ingredients and light. Your facial treatment will continue with the application of a mask that is rich in Vitamin C. This brightens and hydrates the skin. Another mask and specialised Juliette Armand serum rich in collagen and peptides will also applied on your skin. Chronos time therapy entails the use of light of varying colours by irradiation. It is a non-invasive therapy that heals the skin using energy that is contained in the visible colour rays.

Facial Chronos therapy leaves the skin refreshed and hydrated with an amazingly glowing complexion. When administered by our experienced therapists, Chronos time therapy facial can actually help individuals in dealing with emotional and mental difficulties alleviates stress and improves your mood. Since it is a completely natural treatment, this therapy does not have any adverse effects.

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