Back and Shoulder Massage

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As a client, you are our most valued asset and we at Araya Beauty strive towards making a great experience of your visit right from the moment you step in through our doors. Our regular clients are familiar with the various steps, but for our new clients, our customer-friendly team will help through it all.

You will be asked whether you have received a back and shoulder massage treatment previously. To serve you best and make the session more productive, our masseuse will ask you several questions to establish where the pain and tension largely lies.

We encourage our clients to be in comfortable clothing for the massage and we play some soft music in the background to help our clients mentally float away and relax.

Unlike a full body massage, this treatment focuses solely on your back and shoulders, therefore taking less time, typically up to 30 or 60 minutes. Our fully-qualified massage therapists will start you off with a light massage over the length of the body to simulate blood circulation.

With a light to medium touch, our masseuse will work on all muscular knots on your back and shoulder for that perfect relief. At Araya Beauty, we are attentive to our clients’ preferences and the masseuse will vary the massaging pressure accordingly to suit you.


As our professional masseuses will explain during the preparation, our massage treatment has several benefits, some of which are as highlighted

  • Alleviate and relieves pain by easing tension and clearing muscular knots on the back and shoulder regions
  • Improves body flexibility and allows for full-range body motion
  • Promotes lymph circulation and boosts the immune system
  • Great for relaxing both mind and body and elevates moods

Sedentary jobs that require working from a desk all day long can cause strain on the back. On the other hand, sporting activities such as pitching can have similar effect on the shoulder. Whatever the case, seeing as there as several other causes, we have a specialist team that will work to ensure you get the best of your back and shoulder massage treatment here at Araya Beauty.