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Threading is an old hair removal technique originating from Asia. It is highly recommended for sensitive skin since it is hardly invasive. Most beautiful women prefer it for shapely eyebrows as it produces well-defined edges that perfectly frame the eyes.

For best results at Araya Beauty, preparation must be done before threading commences. Your therapist, also referred to as an esthetician, sets the station by putting all the requirements within reach. A thin cotton thread is the main necessity but spirit or any quality disinfectant, towel for protecting the client and cotton wool for cleaning the area are also used.

To prepare for threading, allow your eyebrows to grow a little above the skin and avoid tweezing them at all. This allows your esthetician to see the natural shape and hence advice on the best eyebrow shape for your type of face.

Once the specialised threading station is ready, our estheticians use their fingers to twist the cotton thread into a double strand. Sometimes they may use their mouths to pull the thread taut for accuracy purposes. The tight strand is then swept against the skin with hypnotic movement securing unwanted hair strands in the thread. With high accuracy the hair is then removed from the follicles or the roots. The expert may then target individual hairs for further shaping. The finest strands are picked and removed from the skin surface. When the desired eye brow look is achieved, the area is then wiped clean with cotton wool soaked in spirit.

Threading has more benefits compared to other hair removal techniques. The age-old technique is steadily increasing in demand at Araya Beauty. It involves less discomfort or problems associated with sensitive skin. Waxing may peel off a layer of skin but threading leaves the skin intact. This technique involves removing hair from the root and hence has reduced grow back factor compared to other options. It is, therefore, clear that there is extended period of time between eyebrow salon visits and so resources such as time and money are saved. With other hair removal options there is rather limited artistry involved, however with threading, our highly specialised estheticians here at Araya Beauty can create perfectly shaped eyebrows unique to your very own personality and the shape of your face.