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Preparation Before Your Eyelash Extension Procedure Begins.

Our eyelash experts will clean your lashes and remove all eye makeup using oil free, mild, water based products. We use lint-free cloth as regular makeup remover pads can leave tiny fibers on your lashes and will increase the treatment time, as they have to be removed before application.

Please remove your contacts lens before the application of the extensions.

Caffeine can cause the eyelashes to flutter, which will then make the application process more difficult resulting to fewer lashes applied. Therefore, please limit or don’t take any caffeine products before the appointment.

It’s also important is to reduce your intake of liquids before your appointment; this is to ensure you don’t need to use the bathroom during treatment as this disrupt the time allocated to apply the lash extension.

The procedure generally lasts between 1 hours to 2 hours. This gives ample time to also relax after your lash extensions are applied.

As the process begins, the stylist will ask various questions as part of your initial consultation. This is to help design your lash look and also understand your needs better. The stylist will also gather your medical background to ensure you have no health issues that could potentially affect you.

Then the stylist will ask you to lie down and recline with your eyes closed. A sticker will be applied to cover your lower eyelashes. The stylist then separates an individual natural lash, which will be bonded with one extension expertly. The eyelashes are never applied to your skin for safety. They are attached to your natural lash using safe and approved adhesives.

Eyelash Extensions are perfect for natural thin lashes that require volume and fullness and need a curl to lift and frame to your face and also those that need length.


  • It enhances and lifts your eyes to give the lashes a natural effect.
  • It gives a natural look of fullness and length to your natural lashes.
  • The extra length will add a beautiful and natural frame to your eyes.
  • Eyelash extensions are weightless, thus no problem when fluttering your eyes.
  • They protect your natural eyelashes as they are fully water-resistant.
  • The extensions fall off as your natural lashes shed for new ones to grow.