Deep Tissue Massage

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Prior to your arrival at Araya Beauty for your massage, your fully qualified massage therapist will create an atmosphere of ultimate serenity. The treatment area will be kept quiet with well circulated air that is free of odours and aromas (unless, of course, you opt for aromatherapy services).

Heat sources may be prepared in the form of a heated table, hot towels, and/or heat packs to help provide the deepest, most effective massage treatment possible. The massage bed will be dressed in fresh, clean linens.

Your therapist will speak with you about areas of muscular pain or discomfort before you are left alone to undress and lay comfortably.

During your deep tissue massage, you will lay on a comfortable bed with extra supports for all muscles and joints. Your therapist will gradually work through your muscle groups with slow, deep strokes going against the grain of your muscles.

Your massage therapist will spend extra time working on areas of tension, including areas with physical “knots” and areas that you indicate are tender. Throughout your deep tissue massage at Araya Beauty, you can expect to feel tense areas physically relax and tender points be massaged away.

You will likely turn over halfway through the to allow for even access to all muscle groups, with all modest areas being carefully covered with a sheet throughout your massage.

Deep tissue massages are ideal for those seeking ultimate physical relaxation and those looking to address particular areas of stress and/or tension.

After your massage, you can expect to feel a mild soreness in areas that were particularly tight or tense during your massage. Drinking plenty of water and using a relaxing heat pack should help ease the soreness.

Within 48 hours, the soreness will subside and you can expect to feel an increased range of flexibility and less overall physical tension. With regular deep tissue massages, you can expect a lasting decrease in overall muscle tension and tenderness.

As the saying goes, “no pain, no gain”, yet we’re confident you’ll be truly delighted you’ve ventured into the unknown with a rejuvenating deep tissue massage!

If you’re ever feeling pain after a massage, that’s perfectly normal – read more on our blog about post-massage pain and why it’s (most likely) nothing to worry about!

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