Aromatherapy Massage

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Upon consultation with our massage specialists here at Araya Beauty, the essential oils to be used are selected on the basis of your needs and mixed with massage lotion or oil. We combine the right essential oils with the carrier oil to reduce stress, promote relaxation and help in reducing pain and swelling while enhancing circulation. Different essential oils are selected for different intentions of the massage. For instance, 1 carrier oil ounce like jojoba can be combined with 10 to 12 essential oils drops. The surrounding air is filled with the essential oils’ subtle aroma during this massage.

The used massage technique in massage aromatherapy does not matter. However, essential oils must be used and not fragrance oils because these are synthetic oils. Since relaxation is the desired effect, Araya Beauty uses essential oils during the process to provide deep-tissue massage. In most cases, aromatherapy is used with lymphatic, Swedish, neuromuscular, reflexology and acupressure massages. Our massage aromatherapy is based on the concept that nostrils have an attachment with the limbic system in the brain which influences hormones and the nervous system while controlling emotions. Inhaling molecules of essential oils causes transmission of messages to the limbic system and this affects stress level, heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, memory, immune system and digestion.

Massage aromatherapy is beneficial in many ways when done by the right massage therapists like those at here Araya Beauty! For instance, it helps in improving circulation in the massaged area, muscle stimulation, improving mobility and flexibility, easing tension and reducing stress, reducing migraines or headaches, spasms and cramps as well as improving the immune system through the stimulation of the limbic system and enhancing toxins’ release. Massage aromatherapy is particularly beneficial for people with conditions that involve stress like insomnia, headache, back pain, digestive disorders and premenstrual syndrome.