Eyebrow Shaping

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An eyebrow is a feature that makes your face stands out, it frames your eyes and gives you a subtle look. Eyebrows are something we’ve come to specialise in here at Araya Beauty. If you have thick and full eyebrows, you might need to shape them by tweezing, threading or waxing.

Before starting your treatment, your eye care specialist will cleanse your eyebrows with cotton wool to remove makeup and excess oil. It is advisable to soften the follicles by applying a warm cotton wool. The specialist will measure the eyebrow to mark where it begins, where the arch peaks and where it ends.

The entire eyebrow shaping procedure takes about 15 minutes but can vary slightly, depending on the thickness of your brows. After deciding on the shape that suits your face, our specialist will pluck stray individual hairs using tweezers or a thread. Tweezing or threading out one hair at a time will make sure you obtain a fine shape.

Your eyebrow professional will apply wax above and below your brow in the required shape. Then he or she will use the wax strip to remove the unwanted hair. Subsequently, it is important to customise your brows with tweezers. After eyebrow shaping, one is prone to redness and irritation.

Threading creates a more natural finish to your eyebrow because of plucking individual hairs.

If you have thicker and coarser hair that grows back fast, waxing is the best choice of shaping your eyebrows.

Tweezing helps in efficient removal of the individual stray hairs.

Eyebrow shaping is a simple way of giving your face a youthful look. Well-shaped eyebrows can create a statement and change the impression you display. It brings balance and proportion to your whole face.

It is always advisable to visit a professional eyebrow artist when you are shaping your eyebrows for the first time and for maintenance. Araya Beauty will give you excellent results and the eyebrow shape that you wish, guaranteed.