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Why do You need Nail Art?

It adds glamour and fun to your looks.

Use it as a fashion accessory.

It is suitable for all occasions.

Feeling Creative – It helps you express yourself.

Suitable for finger nails and toe nails.

Can be changed to suit your mood.

Nail art hides unsightly or damaged nails.

Can be used on your own nails or acrylic nails.

Numerous designs and patterns to choose from.

Having nails manicured and nail art applied takes approximately one hour (allow for extra treatments).

Your nails are shaped and manicured to your liking.

Nails are buffed to remove unsightly ridges.

An undercoat is applied.

Your choice of color varnish or gel is added and then nails are allowed to dry.

Another coat of colour is added and once dry a glossy coat adds to the glamour look.

The Nail Art now begins.

You will already have chosen from the many designs available or simply explained your needs to your nail technician.

Some Art is added via transfers.

Having the design painted on is another popular option.

Once added, another glossy coat will finish it off.

Go from drab to fab!


  • Your once ordinary nails look superb.
  • You gain confidence.
  • Change your mood – change your nails.
  • The ability to choose what nail art you require.
  • Different applications give different looks.
  • Not all your nails need to have nail art – some people choose to have on one or two fingers of each hand to create a unique look.
  • Finger nails and toe nails can be matched and gives an exceptional look when wearing sandals.
  • You look good and feel better.
  • Nail art lasts between 2 to 3 weeksAs you can see Nail Art is a quick and easy way to brighten up your day.