Callus Peel

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Transform the look of your feet with a nourishing paraffin wax callus peel; a truly replenishing form of treatment that is done alongside a pedicure or as a standalone treatment to remove the cracked, hard skin from the heels.

At Araya Beauty, we enable you to get rid of the hard, dry skin from your feet quickly, effectively and safely so that you can have pretty feet. Once you’ve decided to have the hard, dry skin on your feet callus peeled away, simply book an appointment with us!

Upon your arrival at Araya Beauty, our therapist will analyse the condition of your feet carefully. A special paraffin wax peel will be applied on your feet to exfoliate the hard, dry skin on your soles. This is a warm, skin softening wax wrap that is applied to your feet. A cling film is used to wrap it in place.

In most cases, it only takes our therapists about 20 minutes to peel the calluses and hard skin away.

After about 15 minutes of having the skin softening paraffin wax wrapped around your feet, the initially hard and dry skin becomes soft and ready for removal. Our therapists use a special foot scraping device to peel off dead skin callus.

A foot file is then used to buff the area and a nourishing moisturiser is applied to complete the treatment. The results are soft, beautiful and revitalised feet.

For a pedicure with callus peel, nails are cut to the desired length and shape, filed and cuticle work done. A massage is also performed using oil-rich conditioning treatment cream that leaves the feet, fingers, toes and nails softer and smother.

Anti-fungal, matte nail treatments and nail art can also be administered upon request to ensure you leave with a spring in the step of your fresh, healthy, beautiful feet.

Paraffin wax callus peels are very beneficial to people who are suffering with cracked, dry skin on their calluses or heels on the feet balls.

It is a painless, non-invasive treatment which is mostly added to a manicure or pedicure treatment. It is a quick treatment yet it helps in getting rid of the cracked, hard skin on the heels within 25 to 30 minutes.

At Araya Beauty, we help you achieve your dream of having beautiful, soft heels. Do not just dream about gorgeous feet. Schedule your Mani/Pedi with callus peel appointment with us and let our therapist callus peel the calluses and hard skin away to give you those pretty, soft feet.