Eyebrow Tinting

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Eyebrow tinting is one of the most fascinating beauty treatments that you can use to enhance your facial appearance and beauty. Araya Beauty provides that there are a wide range of available tinting colours and shades for use with different skin tones. Here’s what you need to do when preparing for eyebrow tinting:

  • Clean and remove make up from the eyebrows
  • We use a spoolie to brush through the brows while applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the brows to prevent accidental skin staining
  • We mix a coloured tint with a developer cream in a tiny mixing bowl. We use a wooden stick (usually included in an eyebrow tint package) to mix the tint with the cream to form a creamy paste.

Your eyebrow specialist at Araya Beauty will use a spoolie to apply tint on the eyebrows as it provides good control and focus on the eyebrows. We start at the brow’s front part (as the hair is dense in this part) and uniformly dab the tint towards the end of the brow. Once we have perfectly dabbed the whole brow with a fine layer of eyebrow tint, you should then wait for the tint to process. The time taken by tint to process is dependent on the type of tint you are using. However, the average processing time is only a couple of minutes for most tints. Once the tint has processed, we use a wet paper towel to wipe off the tint’s colour by scrubbing gently back and forth till all the color is removed.

The greatest benefit of eyebrow tinting is that it complements your make up and any other facial beauty treatment such as eyelash tinting and eye shading. In addition to this, eyebrow tinting helps in creating a dramatic and appealing look of the eyes. This form of tinting is favourable to women who spend much of their time on the move or lead busy lifestyles. This is because unlike makeup, eyebrow tinting can last for days to weeks depending on the quality of tint used. Ideally, tinting gives a polished and coiffed look that has an exceptional appearance and also maintenance free.