Juliette Armand Every Day Therapy


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Prior to commencing your Juliette Armand Every Day Therapy facial treatment, your facial therapist will commence proceedings with a full facial cleanse, removing any make-up from your face and ensuring you’re relxed, comfortable and ready to enjoy the treat that lies ahead.

Once your face is fresh and good-to-go, your facial specialist will conduct a full facial skin analysis which facilitates a full understanding of your own specific requirements; please be honest and direct if you feel there are any senstivities ro issues you’d like us to directly address as part of your treatment – we pride ourselves on being able to customise our treatments to suit your own specific needs.

Kicking things off with an advanced exfoliation technique, your facial therapist then applies a protein-risk mask to help smoothen and strengthen your facial skin and while this works its magic, your therapist will also administer a relaxing scalp massage to help keep your mind in a state of serene relaxation.

Your Every Day facial treatment concludes with the application of a unique firming serum to help lift and hydrate your face, thus minimising existing facial lines and wrinkles.

The beauty of this, and all of our Juliette Armand facial treatment offerings is that it also includes a completely optional customised skincare range prescription for your skin’s personalised recommendations; simply ask your therapist for more information prior to leaving our salon if this is something you’d like to learn more about.

The benefits of choosing to treat yourself to an exhilarating Juliette Armand Every Day Therapy facial here at Araya Beauty are vast; not only do you get to relax and unwind in the serenity of a spa environment here in our specialist treatment rooms, but you can indulge yourself in the serenity of a therapeutic head massage at the same time!

The Juliette Armand skincare range is a firm favourite of ours as it offers unrivalled anti-aging properties and it’s gentle enough and sensitive enough for every day use on all skin types.