A Dublin Girl’s Beauty Guide to Preparing for a Summer Holiday

Look the Part for Your Holliers!

When the sun finally reappears in the sky and you peel off your woolly knits for another year (or at least for a few weeks!), it can feel a bit like you’ve been in hibernation. Your eyebrows might have been hidden by a beanie hat for six months and your skin is dry from the months of cold – you’re probably not feeling quite holiday-ready!

So how do you prepare yourself to jet off to sunnier shores, or even prepare for some sunbathing on our own beautiful Irish beaches as many opt for a ‘staycation’ with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having so far this year?

Here’s a few simple beauty tips to ensure you’re making the most of your body’s natural beauty this Summer!

Freshen Up Your Skin

If you need a way to boost your skincare routine after months of freezing cold, skin-drying weather, a replenishing Vitamin C facial is the perfect detox. Packed with this brightening vitamin, this facial will leave your skin luminous and glowing and ready for summer.

Once you’ve got your facial needs in order, it makes sense to look after your brows and lashes!

Bat Your Lashes

Nobody wants the famous ‘panda eye’ look – and if you’re taking a trip pool-side this summer, you don’t want to find out your mascara isn’t waterproof just a bit too late! Luckily, with gorgeous, fluffy eyelash extensions you won’t need mascara.

You can opt for a more low-key look or ramp up the glamour with a more dramatic look, with no need to reapply mascara every day – perfect for busy babes on holiday!

Once you’ve got your lashes in shape, it’s time to blitz those pesky unwanted hairs that seem to rear their ugly head each and every Summer!

Smooth As Silk

Nobody enjoys shaving their legs – fact. But when you’re going to be rocking an above-the-knee look (or even a flirty thigh-high dress!) feeling smooth is a must. Instead of whipping out your razor and all the upkeep that comes with it, why not try laser hair removal or waxing to get silky-smooth pins without the upkeep?

A well-executed waxing session ensures slower regrowth (meaning less hassle for you) and will easily last you a week or two in the sun. For those organised gals who want to say goodbye to shaving gel forever, laser hair removal is a safe, effective and permanent method.

So what are you waiting for? Dust off your funky shades, book your beauty treatments online, pop down to Dublin’s best beauty salon, and prepare yourself for a summer of looking and feeling gorgeous no matter where your spending the hols!

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