Juliette Armand Elements

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Juliette Armand Elements facial is aimed at rejuvenating the facial skin. Not only does this unique treatment cleanse your dead cells and remove impurities, it also provides inner glow via cleansing, hydrating, firming and energizing your facial skin. Interestingly, this treatment is performed as per your skin type. It is also customised as per your personal requirements here at Araya Beauty.

In order to prepare you for this facial, your skin analyst first guides you to an ambient room. You are given a pair of slippers and a fluffy bathrobe to slip into and asked to lie down on a heated bed. To help you unwind, a cup of chamomile tea is also served. Once you are comfortable with the new surroundings, your therapist analyses your skin using a special scanner.

The process begins with your facial skin being double cleansed to remove all signs of impurities from it. If you are a first-time visitor to Araya Beauty your skin analyst asks you the following questions:

  • How do you feel about your own skin?
  • What skin-related issues do you commonly face? After receiving the desired answers, your skin therapist is ready to perform your facial. The Juliette Armand Elements facial provides a wide variety of customized treatments. These include deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage and mask treatments.
  • Does your skin feel stretched and dry?
  • Do you suffer from pimples or acne?
  • Which facial cream/lotion/cleanser are you currently using?
  • When did you have your last facial?
  • What kind of facial did you undergo?

After the Juliette Armand Elements facial treatment is complete, your skin begins to glow. Your face appears clean, youthful and energised.

Before you leave our salon feeling energised, your skin therapist will offer you tips on keeping your skin refreshed and hydrated. She will also recommend a few moisturising creams or cleansers form the gorgeous Juliette Armand skincare range that will compliment your skin type.