Reflexology Foot Massage

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A reflexology foot massage can be defined as the process of pressing certain pressure points on the sole of the foot and also hands with the intention of relieving pain and promoting blood circulation. Reflexology is actually a recognised holistic remedy for various illnesses. In preparation for your foot massage at Araya Beauty, the client and the massage therapist meet before the therapy itself. At this point, the client reveals his/her health concerns to the therapist. This is essential as it will help your qualified foot masseuse to focus more accurately on treating your particular condition, if any. In addition, the information presented to the therapist helps in determining which pressure points will be getting the most attention.

In most instances, the foot massage process at Araya Beauty begins by concentrating on the sole of the foot and it takes about 45 minutes. The patient is given time to uncover their feet and is seated on a comfortable chair that elevates the feet to the best working angle for the therapist. Your massage therapist uses her thumbs to stimulate the sole by rubbing the sole of one foot. Any health problems cited by the patient is always put into consideration in this process. Pressure is applied with the help of the forefinger and the thumb. In this type of reflexology massage, no lotions or oils are used.

Foot massage, like all of our massage options here at Araya Beauty, has lots of health benefits. Not only does reflexology help you to relax, it can greatly improve blood circulation in your feet. Improper footwear such as tight shoes and other irregular lifestyle traits can hamper the normal blood circulation in the feet. Foot massage helps to boost blood circulation in the feet.

Other benefits of reflexology include:

  • Helps you to cope with stess and/or depression
  • Relieves muscular aches and pains
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Makes your feet healthier, stronger and happier