The Importance of Beauty Self-Care

2018 is Undoubtedly the Year of Self-Care

A trend that really took off here in Ireland last year, the potential for learning to take some ‘me time’ for yourself is important, whether it’s escaping a stressful job for the day, leaving the mummy duties to someone else for a few hours or just the need to let off a little steam. If you’re looking for a great way to give yourself a bit of much-needed love and attention, then consider a beauty treatment to preen and pamper yourself to a state of mindful relaxation.

As it’s International Women’s Day, what better way to try and raise awareness for some of the very real issues that women face here in Ireland and across the globe than by offering a show of solidarity and informing our readers how best to get through a tough phase, to relax and de-stress when all around seems harsh and relentless.


Looking for some much-needed inspiration to perk you up when feeling down? Here are just some of the most popular beauty treatments in Ireland that can provide a healthy dollop of self-care in your life!

Long Lashes

If you’re looking to add a bit of glam to your everyday look, then eyelash extensions are the perfect way to pamper yourself within the space of just a few hours. For many people, just a couple of hours of lying still and letting a trained technician work their magic can do wonders – and provide a healthy confidence boost as well.

Magical Massage

Nothing is more relaxing than a great massage, especially if you’re the kind of person that carries a lot of stress in your day-to-day life. Consider a deep tissue massage to release all the tension you’re carrying in your body, you’ll feel about 10 pounds has been lifted off your shoulders when you leave.

What better way to care for yourself when tired, stressed or even pregnant – we’ve got a range of fantastic pre-natal beauty treatments to help ease the life-changing burden on expectant mothers.

Silky Smooth

While hair removal isn’t traditionally considered relaxing, the benefits of a fantastic leg and arm wax are numerous. Not only do you leave feeling pampered and hair-free, but your treatment can also last from days to weeks, giving you a boost every morning when you get dressed. By giving yourself one less task to do in the morning, there’s more time for the things you love.

Mental Wellbeing

As a proud participant in the poignant ‘Tackle Your Feelings’ initiative in partnership with the socially-aware Zurich Life, we know how important it is to ensure that mental health is front-and-centre of your daily holistic health regimen. As such, we strife to offer a serene, open and understanding environment in which our clients can come and relax, unwind and share their troubles in a a trusting, safe surrounds and we can offer emotional support and a  listening ear to better understand whatever your situation entails. It’s good to talk!

So, no matter what state of physical or mental condition you find yourself in throughout different periods of your hectic life, we pride ourselves in being able to offer some form of comfort and relaxation for our growing army of satisfied, loyal clients from across the entire social spectrum of the South Dublin area. If you’re looking for a local Dublin beauty salon near you that can help make your ‘me time’ that bit more special, please do feel free to book an appointment with us today.

From skincare to massages, facials, pedicures and everything in between with a nice cuppa green tea to relax and unwind with, we can help take your self-care to the next level of personal care and exceptional treatments that will leave you feeling tension-free and one step further along that path to a fuller, more satisfied you!

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