All you need to know about Microblading in Ireland

  • Microblading is semi-permanent
  • Virtually painless
  • Highly specialised procedure
  • Gives bolder, fuller eyebrows
  • Popular alternative to threading, tattooing and waxing
  • Increasingly affordable due to advances in microblading technology

Eyebrow threading, tattooing or waxing; there are several things you can try on your brows, but thankfully Irish consumers now have more innovative, painless and outright better procedures available to choose from right here in Dublin.

Microblading, What on Earth is it?

Microblading is an innovative Asian beauty creation which has well and truly reached Western beauty communities, the benefits of which ultimately yield bolder and fuller eyebrows.

In contrast to the impacts of certain long-lasting eyebrow treatments such as embrowdery or tattooing, microblading is made to render stroke effects that seem much like original hairs.

As a qualified microblading specialist – Araya Fitzgerald (lead beautician and proprietor of Araya Beauty here in Leopardstown) states:

The microblading treatment offered in our salon is suitable for ladies who possess a will to totally express, recreate and cover up gaps, or even fill-in over plucked eyebrows. It’s usually great for individuals that prefer to add a little arch on their brows; the benefits are original, stunning and rarely seen as anything but natural to the naked eye.

However, just like several Irish women trying to unearth more information about this relatively new practice in Ireland, or perhaps those considering microblading as a new alternative to more traditional eye care options, then we hope you’ll find all you need to learn about microblading within this useful guide!

Based on the Sulé Loggenberg Academy & Clinic definition, widely cited in other online publications, microblading (or rather eyebrow embroidery) refers to the hairstroke procedure being carried out by nurses, and tends to assist cancer victims and also those hair thinning individuals, in addition to those that just want microblading to improve their general appearance.

Microblading is conducted by employing small, sharp needles to implant pigments beneath the skin. Given that the pigment is deposited nearer the skin surface, the strokes seem sharp and amazing and yet never spill under the skin, giving it the ultimate in precision and shape control.

So, How Exactly Does it Work?

The microblade has a row of tiny blades, and this is reason it’s commonly referred to as eyebrow embroidery. the colour is actually implanted into the superficial dermis of your skin using the expendable microblade enabling the specialist to make bespoke, highly detailed hair strokes that appear like normal eyebrow hairs.

This semi-permanent eyebrow treatment is always administered by a competent eyebrow specialist working with a specialised hand device that encases replaceable small needles. Here at Araya Beauty, we use only the best brand, the internationally-renowned PhiBrows; only the best for our clients!

The treatment itself is painless, with only minor, light sensation at the beginning for those not used to the procedure, but fear not; our expert technicians will ensure you’re feeling comfortable throughout the duration of the treatment!

Our specialist beauticians will spend some time sketching the pattern using easily removed pencil. At this period, the right personal colour for the person is decided on. Prior to starting the microblading, a skin-based numbing ointment is rubbed into the body part, and then a liquid anaesthetic is used. After that, the specialist starts the process of microblading by implanting the colours into the skin layers.

What’s the Difference Between Microblading and Semi-Permanent Tattooing?

Microblading varies from semi-permanent tattooing, the procedure is done manually. By using portable micro needles, the pigment is placed nearer the skin surface unlike when a machine is utilized and this makes fantastic and sharp hair strokes without any spilling under the skin.

Is it Possible for Anyone to Get Microblading Done?

Those that have had eyebrow tattooing done aren’t generally the best people for microblading as a result of the scar mark formation resulting from tattooing. The result might not be similar to that of non-treated eyebrows so we steer clear of recommending this practice for those in this situation.

How Long do Microblading Treatments Last?

Microblading is never a hurried procedure, it normally requires about two-and-a-half hours to accomplish the desired effect.

Does it Require a Lot of Aftercare?

A number of individuals would suggest a recommended petroleum jelly aftercare cream such as Vaseline on the brows as long as one week after for the skin to restore, in addition, it’s likewise essential not to scrub or even pick your eyebrows. It’s usually recommended to have a retouch after about a month to ensure the colour appears even all through the eyebrows.

Hw Long Do the Brows Last?

The microblading procedure offered by Araya Beauty can last up to two or three years; after this period; you might want to enhance the colour; simply pop back in to us when you feel this time may be approaching and we’ll gladly advise on your best course of action.

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

Here in Dublin, Microblading can cost you from anywhere between €250 to €1000. As a unique value proposition, we offer the service here at Araya Beauty for just €280 for your first application. This amount involves consultation, the preliminary treatment and also the aftercare pack and ongoing maintenance advice from our team. Most certainly, this is as competitive a rate you’ll find for this highly specialised service in the South Dublin area.

You can search the term “microblading” on Instagram and you will discover that over eighty thousand images of the latest styles of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing will come up. Albeit, microblading at first may seem like an extreme technique to have your eyebrows appearing dense and full like contemporary eyebrows of a supermodel. Microblading lovers want to be different, and there are a multitude of great “before and after” images on Instagram showing microblading customers really standing out from the crowd with their gorgeous new brows!

The inspirational Alyssa Coscarelli wrote that she was persuaded to consider microblading when she learnt of a melanoma survivor that used the procedure in the Yahoo Beauty article entitled “Why I Tattooed My Eyebrows & What it was Really Like.” In fact, she herself never had eyebrow loss as a result of cancer; she explained her extensive day to day practice to making her eyebrows look well-nurtured and better by making use of eyebrow pencils, powders and pomades before having the eyebrow embroidery.

The renowned beauty writer also explained how she planned for a more elaborate eyebrow transplant before she then considered eyebrow embroidery in an effort to escape from her regular, time consuming routine.

The makeup process requires that she applied her artificial brows together with makeup and will not go anywhere without them, which made her boyfriend say (jokingly) that before they could get out she must use her brows!

The microblading procedure yields particularly amazing results for those whose eyebrows were quite scanty before having the semi-permanent tattoo on their eyebrows, which provides such rich and filled-in brows.

A quick Google search for “microblading” here in Ireland returns over 455,000 results, with up lots of spas and salons providing the procedure, though it doesn’t often come cheap. A particular permanent makeup spot provides a preliminary microblading for about €800, including €50 touch-up after 1 to 3 months. In this case, it means that the cosmetic improvement cost for touch-ups per annum is roughly €350 according to the spa salon at which this service is advertised.

The effect of the microblading procedure isn’t really ever-lasting, despite the fact it is advertised as so by many suppliers. This may appear to people who were already accustomed to using fresh eyebrow makeup regularly as true.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Among many happy clients (check out our Google reviews), we’ve been blessed with some world-famous clientele and have been covered in the Irish Times by the wonderful Marian Keyes who loved her new brows:


Try Microblading for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

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