New Year, New You, New Feet!

Reflexology Can help Lighten Your Load

If you want to experience a whole new form of mind and body relaxation in a much simpler way this year, then a specialised foot massage may just be the right choice for you!

Reflexology foot massage is a kind of therapy which has been used by ancient Egyptians and Chinese for over 5000 years and it’s becoming a firm favourite of our clients here at Araya Beauty in recent months as the true benefits are being felt well beyond a nicely-relaxed foot.

So What Exactly is Reflexology?

To better understand how reflexology foot massages work, it’s important to understand the process and methodology behind this great treatment. The therapist applies pressure on key points of the feet based on the tenets of foot reflexology to give relaxation to the whole body. The massage targets the solar plexus reflex in the feet which stress are normally stored. By gently pressing and applying pressure in these pressure points, stress is released across a wide range of areas on your body, perfect rejuvenating one’s self.

For all the benefits on offer, the actual process applied in foot massage is quite simple and easy. Before starting, you will be asked by your fully qualified foot masseuse to seat comfortably with the chair inclining depending on what angle you feel most comfortable with. The feet must be clean before having the massage, so they are prepared by being washed and then dried with a soft towel, then they will be soaked in Epsom salts to remove impurities.

After that, your therapist will coat her hands with essential oil, lotion or foot cream. The foot now will be gently massaged starting from the basic foot massage. Each of the key reflexology points will be targeted, from each individual toe right up to the ankle bone for the client’s satisfaction. The massage can be hard or soft depending on what you desire.

What are the Benefits of a Reflexology Foot Massage?

A range of great benefits are to be expected after a foot massage. This method was used thousand years ago and still continue to shower its fortune on those who experience it to this day. Our feet are composed of several million nerve cells and stimulating them will give you sensations that will help you relax and rejuvenate.

The ‘press and slide’ is the most common form of foot massage found throughout Europe and Asia, and is the approach we adopt for our clients here at Araya Beauty, along with ‘finger walking’ for the most relaxing experience possible.

Due to the key points in our feet which are connected to our whole body, foot massage also has also traditionally been believed to cure minor ailments such us cold and stress-related ailments. It also helps in the circulation of blood and in the proper functioning of internal organs. It makes us also feel blissful for a more peaceful living and promotes better sleep.

Why not pop into our salon and ask our team to show you the true beauty of a highly invigorating foot massage today, you’ll never feel the same about how important your feet are to your general well-being once you’ve unearthed the power of reflexology on your well-being!

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