Why Eyelash Extensions are so Popular in Ireland

Eyelash extensions in Dublin

Irish eyes are smiling even brighter with eyelash extensions!

In a world where fashion statements are becoming common practice, promoted at excessive levels by the power of the internet, eyelash extensions may be considered small fish in the grand scheme of beautify the modern Irish lady! With advanced cosmetic surgeries that can achieve so much in terms of restructuring facial features like the lips and cheeks, even the chin and neck, the appearance of our eyes continue to play a really important role in how we look and feel.

Perhaps, the ladies of Ireland are a little guilty of taking their God-given pretty Irish eyes for granted at times! Thai and Korean movie stars, for example, go to great lengths to reshape their eyes in order to achieve that fuller, ‘Western’ look, so we are blessed in this country to have that shape by general default, not to suggest that one shape is better than another!

Eyebrows and eyelashes do make crucial differences as we will agree, and particularly so for women. Should we be giving them particular attention? Of course! Irish girls have been busy with tweezers to work on shaping eyebrows since the dawn of time and now it is the turn of the lashes as they get older.

Though eyelash extensions may be of more recent origin in a more intensely fashion- and appearance-conscious world, false eyelashes started appearing on Irish faces towards the beginning of the 20th century. Eyelashes have been considered a beauty symbol for thousands of years though; the bewitching beauty of women could be attributed to many facial and body features, lashes being high on the list along with the eyes themselves. Eye shadow and mascara, kohl or eyeliner, the different names serve the same purpose of beautifying the eyes. Some reminders of the eye and lash health should also be considered.

Such fashion statements need not merely concern celebrities who expose themselves to millions of fans on film or television like actors and music stars and even our politicians – has anyone seen Joan Burton’s lashes lately?! With such prolfieration of social media nowadays, the ordinary Irish also has the potential of becoming a little celebrity in their own right, as we see scattered across YouTube and Istagram and these tech-savvy, fashion-conscious web celebs express a hunger to remain up to date in knowledge, skills and looks according to prevailing trends. Technology has thrown up such a mighty choice of fashion accessories and body sculpting, hairdos and rings in all the wrong places, and tattoos in great variety, being just some of those dramatic configurations but the desire for gorgeous eyes has remained a constant in Irish fashion trends for decades; the old adage of your eyes being ‘the window to your soul’ rings true to this day.

eyes window to soul

In the context of all our achievements in the fashion world, eyelash extensions can form a minor yet surprisingly critical addition that involves less risk and expense than your average beauty treatment but has no permanence about it. To maintain a sense of permanence, lashes would have to be refilled every few weeks with fresh substitutions for those that have fallen off. Here at Araya Beauty, we specialise first and foremost in the high-quality provision of such lash extension treatments and attach the fibres one at a time to the existing lashes. With both synthetic mink lashes available depending on our clients’ preferences, we’ve found it to be the most popular service here in our Leopardstown salon; coupled with our popular microblading services, it’s fair to say we’re becoming renowned as eye care beauty specialists first and foremost!

The benefits and effects of eyelash extensions

If you want to book in for some such treatment here in Dublin, it’s usually important to ensure that you do possess at least some natural eyelashes prior to receiving treatment because the extensions would be added to them. We can and do, however, regularly assist cancer and melanoma patients with little or no natural eyelash presence and have helped worked wonders for their appearance and indeed added a little boost to their confidence.

Allergies (to mink hair, for example) could be a problem and that needs to be checked in advance and we always perform these checks in advance. The procedure may take an hour or two, depending upon the kind of treatment you opt for, quite painless and anxiety free. There are no risks involved, though you might get a little queasy if you’re not familiar with the sensation since it involves working around your delicate peepers! Aftercare advice involves avoiding contact with water initially. You certainly cannot rub the eyes either, some common sense procedures to be adopted, provided in full to Araya Beauty clients help lead the way to lustrous eyes!

What are be the expected results of eyelash extensions?

The first reaction to your new image in the mirror should be stupendous and should evoke images of some stars on the stage or silver screen! We all wish to be happy and attractive and you know what roles the eyes play! Longer and fuller eyelashes, straight or curved as desired, that sway hypnotically every time you flutter your eyes! Nature has not been replaced or interfered with, only extended for a brief duration to ensure a special occasion such as a debs, hen or wedding night is made that little bit more magical. Since we Irish have been conducting alterations in major ways on different parts of the body (even the more private regions!) such eloquent lashes are quite justified. One-step more in the happiness and attractiveness journey…

You should be getting ready for fulsome compliments, as attention will definitely be attracted eye-wards. With such a lot of effort and expense in dressing for high profile parties in vogue, why should you not invest in lashes too? Eyes are windows to the soul, as the literary idea goes, and those luscious lashes certainly help you delve deeper into the soul. Perhaps even a potential suitor would be attracted to the heady eyes and lashes combination, resulting in an unlikely happily-ever-after love story being formed on the Coppers dancefloor!

Irish eyelashes

The evolution of eyelashes in Irish fashion

Over the ages, fashions that may cost a lot of money besides the availability of facilities, time and motivation have traditionally been practiced by the affluent in developed countries. Yet eyelash extensions form a minor part of the beauty packages that could cost a fortune, yet it relates to the overall personality. Eyelashes would complement the facial features, makeup and dress too, since everything works in tandem towards that magical image that you take in at a glance. When you peek into a full-length mirror, only a moment is required to register that first impression. So it is nowadays in the internet world of fleeting images as it often is in real life in all its vibrant hues and dramatic moments.

Irish women are fast catching up with what the Americans and Asians have been practicing for long. Realising the value of the lash culture and with the facilities available that are quite affordable though you need the drive to appear for touching up, the women of Ireland need to further embrace this little fashion development as it’s certainly here to stay! Small things often go a long way and eyelash extensions can represent the little nuts and bolts that keep the machines that are us Irish women working in top condition. Considering the complexities of the human body, eyelashes are important, though of diminutive size. Well, the eyes are small too, like certain other body parts are but remain of undiminished importance. Eyelashes protect the eye and we are touching up and enhancing that protection.

Besides those cute vanity bags, shoes and smartphones that could all be considered external accessories, and the fashionable clothing that means so much, natural facial decorations like the eyelashes and eyebrows add that touch of flair, mystery and romance that add to the final tally of plus points we can use to dazzle and attract; the women of Ireland need to practice a certain allure to live up with the fashion conscious times and we’re certain that Irish ladies will continue in their long-established reputation as some of the most naturally gorgeous creatures on the face of the earth!

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