Why Irish Girls Love Waxing at Araya Beauty

Removing Hair (and Pain!) from the Equation!

Let’s face it, waxing is no something any of us look forward to or take any real pleasure from, it’s one of our least favourite treatments as it fills clients with anxiety and simply never has the same exciting connotations as a relaxing foot massage treatment for example!

But it’s still a staple among our clients, a necessity if you will, as none of us like having unsightly hair on our bits! Hence the need arose for us to find a way to make the waxing process here at Araya Beauty that little bit more enjoyable, less painful and of course, of excellent quality for our clients.

Our Unique Waxing Techniques

At Araya Beauty, we have a team of hair removal ‘waxperts’ who will ensure that the hair on your legs, arms and bikini line get waxed with less irritation and more comfort. Careful thought and thorough (if somewhat painful!) testing has gone into ensuring that our waxing treatments are best-in-class and that you, the end user of our hair removal services, will leave feeling smooth, refreshed and happy!

We start the whole exercise by removing oil from the skin. We then apply talc to the areas of the your legs, arms or intimate areas to be waxed. The talc ensures the wax grabs hair only!

We advise you not to apply body oils prior to the waxing. You should not also trim before the waxing and we advise our clients to exfoliate about 24-48 hours before your arm and legs and/or bikini waxing appointment appointment in our beauty salon.

Our Intricate Waxing Methodology

Our team of dedicated hair removal experts will apply enough wax on the hair on your legs, arms and bikini area to ensure there’s a clean sweep, without excess w必利勁
ax making a mess on your clothes or other body parts.

We will carefully place the waxing strip on top of the hair. This will be done in the direction of the growth of your hair to ensure that the hair is pulled out from the roots.

leg waxing

Once the wax strip has had time to set, your Waxpert will then pull the strip carefully in the opposite direction of the growth of your hair and then apply Aloe Vera or a moisturiser to the waxed areas to soothe the skin.

Our waxing treatments can take anywhere from 15-65 minutes for pressional leg and arm waxing and approximately 1 hour to complete a bikini waxing session with us.

The Benefits of Waxing as a Hair Removal Option

The benefits of choosing to have your waxing done in our South Dublin salon are plentiful, not least as you’ll be welcomed into a spa-standard, relaxing, warm and vibrant atmosphere by our dedicated hair removal specialists.

Here’s why our clients choose waxing at Araya Beauty time and time again:

    1. 1. You will experience less irritation or no irritation at all after your waxing treatment with us due to the care provided and the quality of our products.

2. Hair takes a longer time to grow, approximately 4-6 weeks since it is pulled out from the roots.

3. Waxing makes your skin look and feel more attractive and smoother.

4. Your skin will not be itchy as the hair will grow from the roots causing slow hair regrowth process.

5. Waxing at Araya Beauty is relatively fast compared to other hair removal techniques.

6. Our waxing treatments delay hair growth and may completely stop its growth over time.

7. We also provide lip, chin, side of face, underarm and a dazzling range of bikini waxing treatments that can;t be found elsewhere in Dublin!

So, what are you waiting for? Blitz that unwanted, unsightly hair today and book yourself in for a comprehensive consultation and painless hair removal session today!

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