Your Guide to Mesotherapy in Ireland

  • Mesotherapy is derived from French medicine
  • It is non-surgical
  • It involves a series of micro-injections
  • It can rejuvenate skin condition
  • It can permanently reduce fat levels stored within the body
  • It can reduce hair loss and promote hair regrowth

What is Mesotherapy and Where Does it Come From?

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic surgery technique, basically. That is admittedly somewhat misleading because Mesotherapy does not actually involve any ‘surgery’. In the most basic form, Mesotherapy is the use of micro-injections of amino acids, vitamins, and medications, into the layer of the skin called the ‘mesoderm’. This mesoderm is where Mesotherapy obtains it’s name. These injections are generally customised to the patient’s individual and specific needs. There are other methods of Mesotherapy as well, but these are less common. One, for example, is to use a face misting mask.

The common forms of Mesotherapy were developed in 1952 by one Dr. Michael Pistor. Dr. Pistor studied at the Faculty de Medicine de Paris before specialising in general medicine as a local village doctor. The initial form of Mesotherapy was presented to the Academy of Medicine by Dr. Pistor in 1968, after which he went on to continue to perfect this technique and it is sometimes referred to as ‘the French Way to Lose Weight‘ nowadays!

how to get rid of forehead wrinkles

Mesotherapy is a highly-targeted, precision technique, with the micro-injections employed in the area of the body that is being treated. There are a very large number of illnesses, conditions, and cosmetic issues that Mesotherapy can address. This guide will explain about three of the most common. These three are weight loss, facial rejuvenation, and hair loss. Mesotherapy has shown to be very useful in all three of these areas.

Mesotherapy is not, however, as efficient in certain ways as other cosmetic techniques like surgery. While Mesotherapy involves no recovery time and is unlikely to cause any side effects save minor bruising, it can take multiple rounds of the treatment to prove fully effective for certain treatments. In Ireland, Mesotherapy must be applied by a fully licensed professional medical professional – two of whom currently operate here at Araya Beuaty – and the rounds of treatment can cost upwards of €150 each.

Therefore, Mesotherapy is, like any treatment option, imperfect. It may, however, be the best treatment option for your particular situation, so please ensure to discuss it with your aesthetic clinician prior to undergoing any mesotherapy treatment. This guide will continue from here by discussing the three most common uses of mesotherapy available here in Dublin; they are for the treatment of weight loss, facial rejuvenation, and hair loss.

Mesotherapy for Weight Loss

Meso cellulysis for weight loss is often compared favourably to liposuction and is an excellent method of combating the appearance of cellulite and reducing fat in any area. The results from this highly effective fat reduction treatment are often very similar, but the meso route does not require any invasive surgery whatsoever, as well as eliminating recovery and healing time entirely. It may, however, require more time from start to finish to see the same results.

For weight loss, the benefit of mesotherapy cullulosis is permanent, assuming the patient maintains a sufficiently healthy lifestyle not to simply gain the weight back, as per any fat reduction initiative. Human fat deposits can be very stubborn in refusing to respond to healthy lifestyles, so it’s important to have the option of Mesotherapy or similar treatments in addition to healthy diet and exercise.

Weight loss results with Mesotherapy are generally seen within four to five rounds of treatment on average. However, our mesotherapy practitioners will generally recommend ten to fifteen rounds of treatment in total for weight loss, depending on the scale of the task at hand, of course. This means that the reduction of fat deposits will occur gradually, which is more sustainable for the body as a general rule.

While Mesotherapy is more often used on stubborn fat pockets, it can also be used to assist in a whole body transition to a healthier weight and lifestyle. Using Mesotherapy in this way does not cause any different effect than for the pockets of fat, except that the weight loss itself is on a larger and more comprehensive scale.

Mesotherapy for Facial Rejuvenation

Mesotherapy is considered a much better treatment for facial rejuvenation than the cosmetic surgery standbys like, for example, Botox. The results of a mesotherapy facelift are almost always identical to, or comparable to, riskier and more invasive procedures on the market here in Ireland and our unique mesotherapy facelift procedure is the safer alternative hands-down. Even considering it can take more rounds of treatment, that trade-off is one that every patient considering facelift therapy options would do well to consider closely.

Wrinkles and the many associated signs of ageing are reversed or slowed by the mesotherapy process on a cellular and chemical level. Unlike Botox, which simply stiffens your face to looking younger, or other techniques which are similarly indirect, mesotherapy actually works on the ageing process directly and effectively for a natural, balanced facial lifting effect.

As you age, the circulation in your skin weakens. As a result of this, toxins and dead cells are removed or ‘flushed’ by your circulatory system much less frequently. This is what causes the visual signs of ageing: wrinkles, cellulite, lines, crow’s feet, etc… What facial mesotherapy does is stimulate the cells of both your skin and the circulatory system, promoting a return to ‘younger’ skin by restoring the way these types of cells are intended to work together.

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

There are many different varieties of hair loss. Mesotherapy has been shown to be effective at combating several of the most common such as male pattern baldness, however, ask your specialist practitioner if your specific variety of hair loss is one of those shown to be treated by our mesotherapy hair restoration procedures. Chances are that it will be and that your results will be very positive, but it always makes sense to enquire in advance!

Many of the same processes that are responsible for the ageing of the face, noted above, are often responsible or partially responsible for hair loss. Hence, Mesotherapy treats hair loss in almost precisely the same way as facial rejuvenation. However, your practitioner may choose a slightly different combination of medication specifically tailored to help treat hair loss.

The application of mesotherapy in hair loss treatment is particularly successful, and newer medications are constantly being developed that are even more effective. Mesotherapy is a vastly preferable option to other hair loss treatment options, like transplants, for many of the same reasons it is preferable in the above weight loss and facial rejuvenation areas. The results are quite staggering, with an average 90-92% success rate versus a 50% success via Minoxidil (a.k.a. Rogaine) treatments reported in the UK, making it an ideal and justified entrant to the highly lucrative hair restoration market here in Ireland.

Still Wondering whether Meso is Right for You?

Hopefully, we’ve gone some way toward answering any questions you may have had around the benefits or and merits to considering mesotherapy for facelifts, fat reduction or hair restoration treatments. There are plenty of other great benefits to this tried and tested breakthrough in modern medicine but that’s all we’re currently covering here in our Deansgrange aesthetic clinic at present! Please do feel free to let us know if you’d like to learn more or if you’ve any further questions at all.

Mesotherapy in hair loss treatment is particularly successful, and newer medications are constantly being developed that are even more effective. It is a vastly preferable option to other hair loss treatment options, like transplants, for many of the same reasons it is preferable in the above weight loss and facial rejuvenation areas.

With growing numbers of Irish men departing our shores to foreign destinations such as Turkey and Thailand for more affordable (yet still upwards of five grand per treatment) hair transplant surgery, it’s refreshing to be able to offer a much more affordable alternative on their doorstep.

As Mesotherapy is a low-to-no pain, non-invasive, vastly reduced risk alternative to dozens of more traditional treatments, it is a very logical choice for Irish consumers in any of the many areas where it has shown to be an effective option. While there is, of course, some cost involved, and your results may (like any treatment) vary, and it can take some time, it’s still well worth trying before you consider the more traditional, more painful and likely more costly alternative options.

Remember to discuss all of your options with your chosen practitioner before you decide on proceeding with any of them, and make certain that they are properly licensed (did we mention that we are?!).

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