Christmas Beauty Packages, You Know You Want One!

Festive Beauty Packages to Suit Your Needs

Can you believe that in just a couple of weeks Christmas will arrive once again? Time is flying fast and we know a number of people who have already started their preparations in earnest! Some super=prepared Irish mammies have started soaking the fruit for their cakes while others have already finished buying all their presents and are thinking about which way they’re gonna prepare their ham already!

Here in beauty-salon-land, we’re finding that Christmas beauty packages are also pretty high on the list of things that our clients need for Christmas; with plenty of stresses and responsibilities at this hectic time of year, it makes sense on many levels to help de-stress, relax and enjoy the holidays and we’re delighted to be able to offer our clients the option to kick back an unwind ahead of everyone’s favourite time of year!

The real beauty (pardon the pun) of our salon offers is that they work great as gifts (both for yourself and for someone else!).

What Makes Araya Beauty Offers Unique?

Christmas is a time for celebration and everyone wants to put their best foot forward. It is a time when many an Irish woman (and even some men!) rushes to their local beauty salon to ensure that her hair is perfect and her nails are just fine. With the number of treatments that one tends to subject herself to, there’s often a small fortune spent before Santa’s even popped down the chimney!

In light of the true Christmas spirit of giving, we have quite a few nice deals that will make you feel like a princess on this lovely family occasion but will ensure that you don’t have to spend like one. Check out some of our brand new beauty deals which will help you save on your regular beauty treatments.

early bird in flight

The Early Bird

The old saying goes that ‘the early bird catches the worm’ or in this case the best deals! Our generous new early bird package has three different deals that fall under it and in our view, they are really worth your while if you can make a midweek appointment at no extra hassle. Bear in mind that these deals are available only on specific dates and at specific times, so please make sure that you are at the right place on the right date and at the right time!

The CND Shellac which will cost you only €22 and it will have your nails looking perfect. We don’t need to explain to you how long a Shellac coat lasts because most of you will already know (it’s around 14 days, just in case you didn’t!) but that is why it is perfect as an early bird deal ahead of the Christmas break. You don’t have to worry about your nails getting chipped before Christmas. When can you get the CND Shellac done? Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays any time from 10am to 3pm.

You can also get a Brazilian or a Hollywood wax for just €40 as part of our early bird deal. This is also available from Tuesday to Thursday between 10am to 3pm.

The Araya Bundle Package

The Araya bundle package functions a little differently from the Early bird package. This package includes 9 treatments out of which you can choose any four treatments for just 55 Euros. The list of the treatments of this Christmas beauty package is given below.

– Underarm wax

– Stand bikini wax

– Lip and chin wax

– Half leg wax

– File and polish fingernails

– File and polish toenails

– Brow shape

– Eyebrow tint

– Eyelash tint

The Ultimate Christmas Package

Our unique new Christmas package offer includes three highly specialised treatments for just €130. The package helps you save €25 off the regular price. These three treatments are listed as follows:

– Eyelash extensions

– Eyelash tint and shape

– Shellac

The Christmas Sparkle

This Christmas beauty package also helps you save another €25 off the regular treatment price range. The total cost of the package is 80 Euros and it covers the eyes, the nails and the brows. The treatments that are included in the Christmas sparkle package are listed below.

– Makeup and Strip lashes

– File and polish for your fingernails

– Eyebrow shaping

The Santa Baby Package

Like the previous two packages, the Santa baby package involves three treatments and is priced at just €80. This Christmas beauty package boasts of a savings of €35 Euros. It comprises of an express facial, make up and eyebrow tint and shape.

The Santa Sparkle Eyes Package

Like the name suggests, this Christmas beauty package is all about the eyes. The Opsis eye therapy from Juliette Armand, our signature Araya Beauty eyelash extensions and a full eyebrow tint and shape can all be done for just €155. This means a further savings of €40 towards your Santa fund!

The Smooth Christmas Package

This Christmas beauty package is dedicated to ensuring that you are smooth and beautiful when Christmas comes your way. It includes half leg wax, Hollywood or Brazilian wax and Underarm wax. The package is priced at a very reasonable €65 and offers you savings of €30.

Everyone aims at looking their best during the Christmas festivities and with so many amazing Christmas beauty packages available to choose from here at Araya Beauty salon, the joy of getting ready becomes less taxing on the wallet; we’re genuinely hoping that the only difficulty that you may face is trying to decide which package you want the most because they all seem equally attractive and offer savings in many different forms!

In the true spirit of Christmas, we’ve tried our utmost to adhere to the ‘attitude of gratitude’ with all of our clients, not so much as a ‘marketing secret weapon’, but as as we’re truly grateful for the wonderful people we’ve welcomed through our doors this year and we’re hoping that by giving something back in the form of genuine value to our loyal customers, that that can only be a win-win for all involved!

Still Undecided on Which Beauty Package to Opt For?

Believe it or not, we’ve been inundated with queries from ‘significant others’ over the past couple of weeks and one of the common terms we’re hearing over the phone is ‘vouchers’! We have been offering traditional paper card-style vouchers for months now in our salon, but we’ve now gone one step further and begun offering beauty gift vouchers online to our clients (and their partners alike!)

From all here at Araya Beauty, we’d very much like to thank our lovely clientele for your custom throughout the year and to take this opportunity to take the time in wishing you all the very best in health, happiness and eternal beauty this festive season and well into the new year and beyond!