Home Beauty Tips to Get You Through the Coronavirus Lockdown

Isolation Self-Care Tips

During the current Covid-19 virus lockdown, it’s more important than ever to feel good and take care of both your mental health and physical well-being.

While it’s easy to fall into a trap of over-indulgence, laziness and a lack of general motivation on lockdown, it’s vitally important to look after yourself while gyms, salons and clinics remain closed, despite overwhelming demand for our services.

We’ve covered home beauty tips previously – in simpler, pre-Covid times in 2018 – but now seems like a good time to expand on those, and hopefully bring a bit of joy and routine back into these challenging days at home.

Check out these beauty self-care tips, ideal for your overall well-being and appearance. With a handy video guide bringing you through free tips from plucking and shaping your eyebrows to mastering the art of face massage, there’s something for everyone self-isolating, so here we go!

Pluck and shape your eyebrows

It’s so easy to change the way you look by plucking and shaping your eyebrows. Having the right brow shape can help to compliment your best features, we’re huge fans of this simple brow tutorial!

There are lots of different ways of removing your eyebrow hair like waxing, tweezing, threading or plucking. To enhance your appearance during the lockdown, just find out which one suits you best.

Give yourself a face massage

With plenty of time on your hands due to the coronavirus lockdown, how about mastering the art of the self-administered face massage? A skincare facial roller and serum can be used for about ten minutes on your face to delicately massage the skin. This type of product is quite cheap to buy and easy to use, or you could do it manually like this amazing lady!

Massaging your face every day will leave it looking fresh, healthy and younger-looking. As self-care beauty products go, facial masks are very popular. Used at least once a week, facial masks can soothe wrinkles, calm skin, improve skin elasticity and hydrate the skin.

Give your skin the love and attention it deserves

Look more beautiful than ever by taking care of your skin whilst indoors for longer durations than your skin has ever been used to in the past. Something as simple as nourishing facial oil has all the ingredients needed to revitalise the skin, this DIY facial is just the ticket!

Applying an oil serum just once a day will soothe, hydrate and freshen the skin while at the same time relax facial muscles. This type of self-care beauty routine is easy to do and a sure-fire way of keeping the skin revitalised.

DIY face masks

If you are going for a DIY facial during quarantine, then a home-made face mask is an easy way to pamper yourself without much cost or effort during the Covid-19 virus lockdown. You can get glowing skin from the comfort of your own home. Home-made face masks can be applied by using a number of products like egg whites, avocado or how about mixing banana and honey?Here’s 11 facial masks you can make in a minute!

Once you have all the ingredients together, assess your skin, get a brush and start to apply the mixture. After applying the mask, switch the lights off, relax and put a couple of slices of cucumber over your eyes for protection. Repeat once a week for a refreshing, cheap skin treatment.

Eyelash growth serum

Eyelash growth serum gives the eyelashes a youthful look. Just apply once a day to make the eyelashes look thicker and longer. Eyelash serums can also help grow new eyelash hair which becomes thicker and softer, making them a great substitute for eyelash extensions while we wait for the world to start turning again!

These serums can help the eyelashes to retain their colour and give the user a healthier and more attractive look. There are lots of products out there with various ingredients so spend a little time deciding which one is most suitable.

Manicure and pedicure

While you’re watching TV or listening to the radio during the coronavirus lockdown, why not give yourself a manicure and pedicure from the comfort of your sofa!

Clip and shape nails with an emery board into a square shape along the top and curved at the sides, then apply the varnish, easy!

Catch a few rays

If you’ve got a garden, yard or balcony, there’s no need to be locked indoors all day. Try to sit outside, self-distancing from others and catch those rays, but ensure you do so safely and don’t overdo it. Here’s 5 major health benefits from sunlight!

Increasing serotonin levels to stave off the blues, sunlight provides vital Vitamin D to your skin to keep it looking healthy, just don’t forget the sun cream!

Don’t over-indulge

Any kind of house lockdown can make one over-indulge. When boredom sets in, many people turn to alcohol, cigarettes and chocolate. To keep your body in good shape, the lungs healthy and the waistline from expanding, cut down on the alcohol, cigarettes and chocolate. Eat well and think outside the box with these healthy eating tips!

To do this, keep yourself occupied with a daily home exercise routine whether it’s running on the spot, sit-ups or press-ups.

Practice Yoga and get out for a stroll

Have you ever thought about trying yoga? It’s a great way to get you through the coronavirus lockdown. There are many physical and mental benefits of yoga. It helps to reduce weight, increase flexibility, energy and vitality. Taking up yoga will not only improve your physical appearance but also your mental well-being.Ten minutes in the morning will have you feeling brand new!

During the lockdown, you are allowed to go for a walk and get some exercise in within the 2km zone, this can help improve your mood, balance, coordination and maintain a healthy weight. Strengthen bones and muscles with a short, brisk stroll once a day to keep your immune system in tip-top condition, something needed to combat this dreadful virus.

Stay healthy with fruit, vegetables and water

The saying “what we are is what we eat” is very true. Being healthy on the inside makes us more beautiful on the outside. This tip is pretty straightforward. Drink plenty of water to flush out harmful toxins in your body which in turn will increase your skin’s elasticity. Mixing up your fruits and veg is key to a healthy, balanced diet!

For those vital nutrients, eat a good range of fruit and vegetables. This will not only improve your immune system, much needed through the coronavirus lockdown but also help to make your skin glow.

Take regular baths

There’s nothing quite like a hot, soothing bath. To enhance the experience even more, put bubbles, Epsom salts or essential oils in your bathwater. There are so many different types of products out there, each one perfect for the ultimate in relaxation. A hot bath with essential oils will help to ease muscle tension, melt away stress and free the mind of tension, Guided bath-time meditation will enhance the experience and improve your mindfulness!

Bathing can improve heart health, breathing and even balance your hormones, everything needed as part of your beauty routine.

Rest and sleep well

One of the best beauty tips is to have lots of rest and sleep. This really does make you look and feel better. During periods of relaxing deep sleep, the body cells renew themselves which is another way of looking good. We’ve saved this must-watch Ted-Ed lowdown on the benefits of a good night’s sleep as the best til last!

If you are having trouble sleeping due to the current coronavirus situation, try to relax before bedtime, stay calm and rest up. You could try deep breathing exercises, put on some relaxing background music or read a good book.


Share your Covid-19 lockdown coping mechanisms with us!

We sincerely hope you’ve found these tips and vids useful and can put some of this advice to good use. If you’re doing something that is helping you get through this lockdown in tip-top mental and physical shape, please feel free to share it with us in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from our readers and learn new and interesting ways in which you’re all looking after yourselves and eachother amid this chaos.

Please stay safe, stay healthy and look after your good selves and loved ones.